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Feeling anxious? Discover health resources at Anythink

Nov 19 2020
It’s not a stretch to say that Americans are suffering from unprecedented amounts of anxiety in 2020. COVID, job insecurity, loss of work, politics, a discussion about systematic racism, political upheaval ... all of these things have been thrown at us this year in an unending hailstorm of change...
Children movement

At-home learning tips from a teacher: Let’s get moving!

Nov 13 2020
In my experience as a classroom teacher, movement breaks throughout the day were vital in keeping children engaged and preparing them to learn. In fact, my class always started the day with morning exercises. This included everything from stretches to breathing activities to jumping jacks. As the...

A discovery of candied lemon rind

Nov 3 2020
Potlucks kind of make me panic; I’m a big fan of food that makes sense together. Yet, I enjoy the challenge of putting foods from different cultures together when their basic ingredients are complementary. This is easier when you do all the cooking yourself and just invite your guests to show up...

Spooky YA reads for Fall 2020

Oct 27 2020
Let’s be honest: this has been a scary year already. Between COVID, the election, school closures and an unprecedented upending of life, you would think that YA readers across the board would be looking for light books – a pleasurable escape, if you will. Yet, those who love spooky books know:...

At-home learning tips from a teacher: classroom contracts

Sep 30 2020
Before my time as a children’s guide at Anythink Libraries, I spent 7 years as a classroom teacher. I taught ages 2 through second grade, although most of my time was spent teaching pre-kindergarten. I received my master’s degree in Early Childhood General and Special Education, so I'm excited to...
Photo of an open book

Anti-racism books available without holds

Sep 4 2020
As a public library, Anythink is committed to racial equity and providing a space where everyone is welcome. As an organization, we believe in inclusion and diversity. Because of this, it's important that our collections represent the diverse community that we serve.  Below, you'll find a list of...

Reading (about) water

Aug 13 2020
Kersplash! It’s summer, and I think I’m ready to jump right in and name my favorite nonfiction book for this year. True, it’s only summer, just the second of four seasons of reading in my year. Yet I don’t want to wait to share this particular book with other readers, and in particular, those who...

Nesting notes

Jun 8 2020
When walking, I like to look for birds' nests, high and low. Sighting one is a sudden delight. Back inside my home, curiosity leads me to look through books to learn more about the nests I’ve seen – and the ones I haven’t seen. For others who are pleased by and curious about nests, here are some...
Photo of a small boy running past a water sprinkler

When summer doesn't, but kids do

Jun 8 2020
Whelp, this wasn’t the summer that most of us had planned for now, was it? In our family’s mind, the summer of 2020 was going to be one of nostalgic fun: campouts, swimming pools, theme parks, movies, friends and parties and barbeques. Instead, our summer looks like this: staying mostly in or just...

My child and her questions

May 4 2020
Over the past month of staying at home, my 4-year-old, Lilah, has asked me a lot of questions. We have explored dozens of animals, from the mucus of a tree frog’s foot pads to the mysterious tusk of the narwhal. Lilah has wondered why a volcano "interrupts," how rocks have sparkles, and why she can...

Nostalgia: Because you find the present tense and the past perfect

May 4 2020
Something that has really kept me in a good mood during quarantine has been nostalgia. I get this feeling from reading and watching all of my favorite shows and movies that I otherwise wouldn’t have as much time to revisit. Personally, I find behind-the-scenes information about iconic film and...

Waterskiing across the surface of a poem

Apr 29 2020
Right now, I think we’re all looking for ways to either escape or make sense of what’s going on in the world. Poetry can accommodate both impulses (and, perhaps, both impulses are alive simultaneously in the best poems). But I wouldn’t blame anyone if their first instinct when seeking either...

Hoopla is here for you

Apr 24 2020
Last time we met like this, I introduced you to a snapshot of Kanopy, one of the streaming services available to you for free, with your...

The best pandemic books to get you through a real-life pandemic

Apr 17 2020
Whether we were prepared for it or not, the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) arrived in Colorado at the beginning of March, and with it stay-at-home notices and self-isolation. And while the news might be terrifyingly real, sometimes it’s nice to escape into fiction to help us handle things outside our...

Kanopy has you covered

Apr 16 2020
Maybe you’re feeling bored, isolated and uncertain these days? Or relaxed, liberated, and enjoying your free time? All of the above? Whatever emotions have taken up residence in your noggin, there’s a movie for that. And you have access to streaming movies anywhere, anytime, with your...

What the world needs now is the weird world of Jenny Slate

Mar 23 2020
When I listened to the audio of Jenny Slate's essay collection,...

The ugly cry

Mar 20 2020
What makes slow, salty tears turn into full-fledged sobbing? Sobbing that is so heavy your eyelids droop and you suddenly cannot breathe out of your nose? For some people, this type of cry comes at the end of every...
Young boy looks out window

Busting indoor boredom with masking tape

Mar 20 2020
Social distancing might mean you and your family are already bouncing off the walls, and with winter weather moving in, the cabin fever is only going to spike. If you’re looking for a way to burn off some extra energy, look no further than your nearest roll of masking tape. Here are some ideas for ...

Dreaming of 'A Dream of Spring'

Mar 20 2020
I dream of holding it in my hands this summer, lounging by the pool, ignoring my family. I need it. I want it – A Dream of Spring, the planned title of the seventh volume of George R. R. Martin's ...

What to watch before or after "Parasite"

Mar 9 2020
After its historic night at the Oscars, with wins for Best Picture, Director, Original Screenplay, and International Feature, the curiosity and excitement about...