Anythink Foundation

The Anythink Foundation supports innovation and creativity in Adams County by raising private funds for special programs and projects at Anythink. This support helps the library continue its mission to “open doors for curious minds” as a dynamic center for engagement.

How you can help

It’s through the help of individual donors like you that the Anythink Foundation is able to fund innovative projects and programs. Supporting the Foundation is easy.


Set it, and forget it! All it takes is $2 per month. Click on “donate now” to set up automatic payments. Even a small amount makes a big impact.

Or, make a one-time donation online or at your local Anythink.

Donate now


Tell your friends! People are always looking for ways to give back, but sometimes don’t know where to start. By giving to the Anythink Foundation, you can see the results right in your local community.

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