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Book review: 'Homeschooled' by Rachel Papo

Jul 3 2019
 "As homeschooling nears mainstream recognition and technology interweaves itself into our daily lives at breakneck pace, Papo provides us a timely glimpse into the lives of those who are carving an alternative path towards preparing for the future and finding a deeper way to be connected. Through...

Traffic lights: the changing world of color blindness

Jun 25 2019
Almost one year ago, I bought my husband the most expensive anniversary gift in our 15-year history: a single pair of sunglasses. He couldn’t understand why I had made him drive to a park, hike in and stand under a bunch of trees just to open his present. Then he opened the box, one marked ...

Six books for word friends

Jun 24 2019
I’m a word person. I like meeting words, listening to them, and learning their stories. It’s no surprise, then, that I quite enjoyed the following books, as they allowed me to get to know some interesting words. Happily, these particular materials are not dull or didactic. Rather, like a dinner...

The question of Keanu

Jun 21 2019
Recently, I’ve noticed social media lighting up with a lot of love for Keanu Reeves. Whether it’s due to the recent release of the third chapter in the...

A night owl takes on Denver

Jun 21 2019
Whenever I visit New York, I’m always struck with starry-eyed wonder around 10 pm at night. As a local Denver native, I’m used to being in bed around 10 pm, snuggled up with a comforter and a good book. That’s not the case in New York  –10 pm in New York is when this bustling city wakes. As...

On the benefits of revisiting

Jun 19 2019
I’ve always been a revisiter. Like many kids, I asked (or demanded) we reread the same books every night at bedtime. Family lore has it that, by the age of six, I had watched...

Book review: 'Bird Box' by Josh Malerman

Jun 5 2019
I know there are a lot of people out there that will question, Bird Box is a book? The answer is yes, and, as a completely...

Daily doses of wonder

Jun 4 2019
Is it wrong to review a book if you’re only about halfway through it? I first flipped through Year of Wonder while working at the library. It seemed like a cool book, but one that I...

A summer of YA

Jun 3 2019
As the last days of school slowly tick down, parents and teens alike are wondering: What are we going to do this summer? As a librarian and an author, I'm happy to shout: read YA!  In case you weren't aware, YA (short for young adult) literature has experienced a massive explosion of popularity in...

Review: 'A Serial Killer's Daughter: My Story of Faith, Love, and Overcoming'

Jun 3 2019
Kerri Rawson had internal alarms going off on that cold February day. Her father had taught her about stranger danger, not to open doors to unknown people, to always be overly cautious. Even in her adulthood, she often recalled the lessons taught to her by her father, Dennis. He was a strong,...

The warm fuzzy feelings of fandoms

Jun 3 2019
Throughout May, Anythink encouraged our customers to dive deep into fandoms, explore super powers and create their own pop culture narratives in celebration of Pop...

Denver Pop Culture Con 2019 giveaway: How to enter for your chance to win tickets

May 1 2019
Anythink is celebrating all things pop culture this May with Pop It, an opportunity for you to unleash your inner superhero with programs and experiences for all ages. As part...

Poetry Picks for Kids: 'Early Bird' by Shel Silverstein

Apr 25 2019
Before printed material became mass produced, information, stories and poems were passed through memorization and recitation from person-to-person. While I am lucky enough to have polished my memorization skills through years of theatre and voice, I am also someone who struggles remembering the...

Celebrating poetry and Ursula Le Guin

Apr 24 2019
On January 15, 2018, Ursula Le Guin finished editing her latest collection of poetry and sent off the revised manuscript. On January 22, 2018, she died. In October of the same year, this work was published as...

Another nod to Mary Oliver

Apr 23 2019
As much as I wanted to highlight another poet for National Poetry Month, Mary Oliver will always be my go-to. I've read many books of poetry but none have captured me like Oliver's works. It saddens me that we will not have any new...

Building friendships through the magic of Neil Gaiman

Apr 23 2019
I started working at Anythink in Bennett towards the end of 2018, knowing nothing about working in a library at all. My previous life's forte had been all medical office and public safety. So jumping into a world of books was very different for me, aside from the fact that I've always been an avid...

Darkness into light: the first image of a black hole

Apr 19 2019
Scientists have known about the theoretical existence of black holes for about 100 years, but it wasn’t until last week that anyone had ever seen one of these wondrous cosmic objects. Thanks to the team behind the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) we now have the first-ever image of a black hole (click...

Poetry Picks: ‘Benjamin, Who Came From Who Knows Where’ by Mary Oliver

Apr 15 2019
Yes, the Anythink blog is quite fond of the Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award winning poet Mary Oliver who passed away in January of this year. During last year’s Poetry Picks, Maria shared...
Hollywood sign, photo by Ahmet Yalçınkaya via Unsplash

In praise of IMDB trivia

Apr 12 2019
If you, like me, have seen at least one movie before, I urge you to go to right now and type a movie’s title into the search bar. A wealth of information pops up. Cast and crew, reviews, and even showtimes for new releases. But we don’t care about any of that...

Review: 'Blue Horses' by Mary Oliver

Apr 10 2019
I truly love the late Mary Oliver's poetry. Most recently, I finished her Blue Horses collection. She had such a sincere love for nature and all that it contains. Oliver had the most...