This is Who We Are

The Wish by Helen Hiebert

This is Who We Are

A collaborative public art project

“This is Who We Are” partners community members with local artists to create public art pieces that represent the fabric of the community. The first project launched at Anythink Bennett in December 2011 with the help of funds raised by the Anythink Foundation.

This project brings people together to create an incredible art piece that lives on in the library. Plans are underway to launch similar projects at each of Anythink’s locations, with the next one slated to be unveiled at Anythink Wright Farms.

The Singing Tree

Anythink Perl Mack, 2019

Created by Denver-based Alt Ethos, The Singing Tree is an outdoor installation that uses light and sound to create an interactive experience. Using an integrated MIDI keyboard, this piece operates as a musical instrument for people to play and can be programmed to include a variety of different sounds and effects. The Singing Tree is the first public art piece in the Perl Mack community.

"Our goal is to build communities through memorable experiences that are creative and fun," says Alt Ethos CEO Ethan Bach. "And I must admit that The Singing Tree is my new favorite activation."

The Singing Tree honors former Anythink Board of Trustees Ray Coffey. Coffey served on the Anythink Board of Trustees from 2004-2019, including as president from 2015-2016.

The Wish

Anythink Huron Street, 2014

The Wish, created by Helen Hiebert, features a large dandelion sculpture made of 300 handcrafted paper seeds, representing the wishes of individuals from the Anythink Huron Street community and across the globe. The installation also includes a motion-activated audio component by local sound artist Jim Green, featuring recordings of wishes collected from community members of all ages.

The Wish is commissioned in honor of Kay Riddle, former president of the Anythink Board of Trustees. Riddle, who retired from the board in 2013, provided leadership and vision for improved library funding and services for the Adams County community.

The Wish project symbolizes private wishes that come together as a whole in a metaphor for human connectedness,” says Hiebert. “The sculpture will find a great home at Anythink, whose approach to community aligns well with the theme of the project.”

Life on the Eastern Plains

Anythink Bennett, 2014

Life on the Eastern Plains is a quilt designed by mixed-media artist Deidre Adams that hangs at Anythink Bennett. Adams’ breathtaking 8-square-foot quilt celebrates the spirit of the frontier and reflects colors, impressions and contributions as experienced by community members. The mounted artwork aims to create an emotional space of meaningful expression for the Bennett community.

Adams used stories gathered from the Bennett community to help shape the piece, drawing from items like scraps of fabric, photos and letters. The resulting 90 x 90 inches quilt evokes the ethos of prairie living with its simplicity, textures, and moods.

"Creativity takes courage." – Henri Matisse

At Anythink, we believe that everyone is creative. This shared value guides us in supporting the curiosity of everyone in our community – whether it's through public art, an interactive workshop, an inspiring book or a one-on-one conversation.