Loan periods are as follows:

3 weeks: Books and audio media
1 week: Magazines and movies
6 weeks: Book club kits

Materials can be renewed up to three times for the length of time of the original check-out period if no one else is waiting for that item and item has not been set to “lost," with the exception of Book club kits, which are not renewable. Prospector materials can be renewed once online at https://codcb.coalliance.org.


Anythink does not charge overdue fines for late materials. Customers are sent five notifications of overdue items over a six-week period. During this time, items can be renewed or returned. 

A final overdue notice is sent at 42 days, at which point, items are considered lost and can no longer be renewed. The customer’s account is charged for the item and library privileges are suspended until items are returned or paid for.

If items are still not returned in 48 hours after this last notice, Anythink turns the process over to a collection agency to retrieve the materials and an additional $10 processing fee is applied.


Books and other library materials borrowed from us may be returned to an Anythink library, or any other public or academic library in the Denver metro area, and at many other Colorado locations. Items are only checked in when they reach Anythink so may incur lost status and $10 processing fee if they are more than 42 days overdue. Books and materials borrowed through Interlibrary Loan or Prospector must be returned to an Anythink library.


Computer prints: 10 cents per page with $5 free print credit per customer, per day
Photocopies: 10 cents per page (self-service)


Faxing is free for all Anythink customers. 


Anythink Wright Farms has four charging ports available on a first come, first served basis. The first two hours of charging are free, followed by a cost of $1/hour for as long as the vehicle is parked in the space. The station will stop emitting power once the vehicle is fully charged, but users will continue to accrue a fee if they do not move their vehicle at this time. We encourage you to move to another parking spot when charging is complete to allow space for others to use the charging stations.

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