Meeting Room Policy

The mission of Anythink Libraries is “We open doors for curious minds.” The primary use of meeting rooms and outdoor spaces at Rangeview Library District facilities is to support learning and the generation of community conversations. Priority for meeting room use is as follows:

  1. Anythink-sponsored programming
  2. Education and non-profit sponsored programs and meetings
  3. For-profit entities hosting educational programming and meetings
  4. Private social events
  • Meeting-room fees are as follows: $25 per hour per room. Meeting room fees must be paid in advance of room usage. Time required for an organization to set up and cleanup must be included within the scheduled time and calculated within the hourly fees. Fees for use of outdoor spaces are individually priced based upon size and location.
  • Meeting room setup, breakdown and cleanup is the responsibility of the agency using the room. A cleaning fee or loss of privilege may result if an organization fails to leave the meeting room in good order.
  • Room rental includes tables, chairs, screen, and Internet access. Any additional equipment is the responsibility of the person or agency booking the meeting rooms.
  • Light refreshments may be served. Any food served must be prepared offsite, as there are no cooking facilities available at Anythink libraries.
  • Meeting rooms may be scheduled up to four months in advance. Due to high demand, individuals are limited to four reservations within a four-month period.
  • Alcoholic beverages are not permitted without the written consent of Rangeview Library District.
  • Any damage to the facility is the responsibility of the agency utilizing the facility.
  • Applications for meeting-room use must be submitted using the online meeting-room booking tool hosted on the Anythink website. Applications are handled on a first-come first-served basis.
  • Cancellations must be made at least 48 hours in advance to be eligible for a refund.
  • Meeting rooms will be made available for other use after 30 minutes from the end of the reservation time.
  • Meeting-room use must begin during normal hours of library operations. Meetings that extend past library hours may be charged an additional security fee. Arrangements for after-hours use must be made with branch manager.
  • Meeting-room occupants must comply with all Rangeview Library District policies, including the behavior policy.
  • Permission to use facilities does not constitute endorsement by Rangeview Library District. Any publicity promoting the event may not imply library sponsorship.
  • Sales of related books, music and or products is permitted; however, all such sales are the sole responsibility of the booking organization.
  • Organizers may charge admission to the programs they present in the meeting rooms they rent.
  • Private social gatherings may be arranged with the meeting room manager. Fees will be determined based upon space, time and security requirements.
  • Rangeview Library District reserves the right to revoke meeting-room privileges at any time.