Board of Trustees

The Rangeview Library District is governed by a five-member Board of Trustees, appointed by the Adams County Board of Commissioners, and is responsible for the library district's finances and formulation of policies. Trustees serve a five-year term. The library board meets regularly once per month. View the schedule.

Board of Trustees

Kerry L. Glenn

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Term expires: Jan. 31, 2018

A lifelong resident of Adams County, Colorado, Kerry L. Glenn works for the same school district he attended as a student. After 23 years as a math instructor, Kerry now serves as the STEM Coordinator at Northglenn High School. He is a liaison between district, school, partners and community, and also designs and reviews curriculum and support for problem-based learning.

Kerry received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder in applied mathematics and aerospace engineering before earning a master’s degree in curriculum and pedagogy from the University of Colorado At Denver. In addition to a career as a mathematics educator and STEM educator, Kerry also served as a youth pastor for 20 years.

Kerry believes that access to information can help fuel passion and direction. For him, libraries aren’t just about checking out books. They’re also about gaining and applying the information to help solve the world’s challenges.

Linda Wisniewski

Photo of Linda Wisniewski

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Term expires: January 31, 2019

Linda Wisniewski began her term with the RLD Board in March 2009. She has a business degree with a project management concentration and currently works for the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment.

She is on the executive board of the Thornton Veterans Memorial Foundation, which is building a Veteran's Memorial Park in Thornton. Linda is also on the missions committee at Good Shepherd United Methodist Church, which targets community projects for involvement with the church. Previously, she was also on the executive board of Northern Lights Little League, who built a seven-field ballpark.

Married for 31 years, Linda has three children. Her daughter lives in Savannah, Georgia, with her husband and Linda's grandson. Her first granddaughter is due in July. Linda's oldest son is an Iraq War veteran, who successfully completed two tours in Iraq and is now studying to be a firefighter. Her youngest son is a computer programmer and a musician.

"I have always felt that Adams County libraries lacked a certain direction, and I have watched with great interest the growth of the Rangeview Library District. I feel the positive direction the district has taken is wonderful," Linda says. She looks forward to contributing to help it grow.

"To me, libraries bring the world to its patrons," says Linda. "It starts children in their discovery and wonder of the earth around them and of reading. It allows all people the access to knowledge and the wonders of the world. It is hard to think of a community without a connection to a library."

Lynne Fox

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Term expires: Jan. 31, 2020

A Rangeview Library District customer since high school, Lynne Fox currently works for a bioscience search engine company, providing consulting in training services. Fox is a health sciences librarian, retired from the University of Colorado Health Sciences Library in 2004, bringing first-hand industry experience to her role as trustee. She also served as a Ward 3 Thornton City Council Member from 2008-2013, representing the interests of northeast Thornton residents. Fox is an avid cyclist, tea drinker, and art & architecture enthusiast.

"A terrific public library district is a gift a community gives to itself," says Fox. "It's like every day is your birthday at Anythink, thanks to great online multimedia services like hoopla and Overdrive, learning tools like, diverse DVD and music collections, and adult programs and children's activities. Anythink staff are constantly anticipating user needs, with new offerings arriving before we even knew we needed them."

Burke Scot Beu

Burke Scot Beu

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Term expires: Jan. 31, 2021

A current Commerce City, Colo., resident, Beu has spent the majority of his life in Adams County. After graduating from Adams City High School in Commerce City, Colo., he went on to pursue an education in health care management and social studies. Beu has more than 20 years’ experience in program management for professional associations, including the National Stroke Association, the Association of Operating Room Nurses, and the National Association of Social Workers-Colorado Chapter. Beu is also a licensed substitute teacher, with classroom experience in Denver Public Schools. Today, he works as a medication-qualified counselor at a Denver-based residential treatment facility for abused, neglected and delinquent youth.

Yadira Caraveo

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Term expires: Jan. 30, 2020

A native Coloradan who grew up in Adams County, Yadira Caraveo is a pediatric medical doctor who lives and practices in Thornton, Colo. She credits the then Adams County Public Library’s Perl Mack branch for being one of her first places where she cultivated her lifelong passion for learning. After graduating from Northglenn High School, Caraveo went on to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in biology from Regis University and a Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of Colorado. She has served on the Early Childhood Partnership of Adams County and currently serves on the Colorado Behavioral Health Council. Caraveo advocates for the wellbeing of children and believes that libraries are an important haven for children to learn, indulge their natural curiosity and access a more level playing field.