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Anythink Studio


The Studio

The Studio at Anythink

The Studio at Anythink is guided by the philosophy that customers of all ages thrive when they discover and follow their passions, collaborate with others, and become creators.

Studio experiences are centered around production and put interest-driven, informal learning into action.

While The Studio has one dedicated physical space at Anythink Wright Farms, Anythink also creates the environment for Studio experiences to be hosted at all seven of its locations with traveling equipment and programming.

Supported by mentors - experts, artists in residence (AIRs) and staff - The Studio encompasses everything from formal programs to informal learning opportunities.

  • Studio experiences are created, guided, and developed based on the interests of our customers.
  • The Studio offers many different opportunities for customers to pursue their interests with revolving sets of equipment and mentors.
  • The Studio encourages a culture where anyone can learn on their own terms.


Anythink Wright Farms
Mon., Tue. & Thu.: 12-6 pm
Fri. & Sat.: 11 am-5 pm
Wed. & Sun.: Closed

Book a 30-minute session of one-on-one help from an Anythink Studio staff member.

Phone: 303-405-3228


The Studio: Events & Blog Posts

painting on canvas

Intro to Acrylic Painting

Join local artist Arturo Garcia and learn how to create a painting using acrylic paints on a stretched canvas. We will explore color, figure, and light. Appropriate for all ages.


Oct. 22, 2020 - 4:00 pm
Oct. 13, 2020 - 9:12 am
Laser cut sign of "Create"

From Paper to Laser Cutting

Using the Glowforge laser cutter can be as simple as drawing on a piece of paper. Learn how to take your designs straight to the laser cutter using Glowforge’s design software. Participants will...

Oct. 20, 2020 - 5:00 pm
Sep. 17, 2020 - 12:35 pm
Glass with stickers

Creating with the Cricut Joy

Learn how to use the Cricut design software to make a custom tote bag. We’ll explore the software and how to get your design ready for production at The Studio or at home. A Cricut Joy can be...

Oct. 15, 2020 - 5:00 pm
Sep. 17, 2020 - 12:32 pm
iPad with Lightroom mobile open

Editing Travel Photos in Adobe Lightroom

Learn the basics of editing photos in Adobe Lightroom. We’ll go over the development module and how to get the most out of your photos. The Adobe Creative Suite is available for all customers to...

Oct. 06, 2020 - 4:30 pm
Sep. 17, 2020 - 12:24 pm
Man drawing on canvas

Cartoon Yourself with Adobe Illustrator

Learn how to create a cartoon image of yourself in Adobe Illustrator using only a photo of yourself and basic Adobe tools. Appropriate for teens and adults. 

This program will be...

Sep. 29, 2020 - 4:00 pm
Sep. 17, 2020 - 12:21 pm
Woman writing in journal

Song Writing Brainstorm Session

Join Studio Specialist Alex Thao in this informal session on songwriting. Learn how he brainstorms different melodies and lyrics, and gain inspiration for your own songwriting projects. ...

Sep. 23, 2020 - 1:00 pm
Sep. 17, 2020 - 12:19 pm