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About Anythink


MISSION STATEMENT: We Open Doors for Curious Minds


We are guided by these shared values in everything we do:

  • Compassion for our customers and for each other
  • Passion for our product
  • Eagerness to learn
  • Everyone is creative
  • Optimistic attitude – we believe that anything is possible

Just a few short years back, Adams County libraries were the poorest funded libraries in Colorado. While the staff did their best to make the most of limited resources and our customers felt loyal to their libraries, the fact was Rangeview Library District needed help.

Across America, funding decisions are forcing some libraries to close or reduce services. In November 2006, our community voted to increase library funding, which has provided the resources to create a fresh start for our libraries. Because of this support, Anythink Libraries have been able to expand services.

Our community deserves only the best libraries, places where our children and families will find delightful opportunities to learn about anything under the sun in the most beautiful, comfortable spaces. Our libraries are community assets that belong to you.

Welcome to your new Anythink library – a destination for entertainment and education. A world where all of us can find sparks, search for fuel and let our imaginations soar. A new creative space that is more engaging than any library you have ever visited before.



Anythink Strategic Plan 2018-2022