Due to maintenance issues, Anythink York Street will be closed Tuesday, June 15 through Saturday, June 19. The library will reopen during its regular business hours on Tuesday, June 22. During this time, we ask Anythink York Street customers to visit Anythink Huron Street or Anythink Perl Mack for similar services. 


Please note: You may be receiving notices about items checked out on your Anythink library account. To update the way in which we contact you, please log in to your account and select "Notification preferences" to select notifications by phone, text or email. 

Anythink About

About Anythink


MISSION STATEMENT: We Open Doors for Curious Minds


We are guided by these shared values in everything we do:

  • Compassion for our customers and for each other
  • Passion for our product
  • Eagerness to learn
  • Everyone is creative
  • Optimistic attitude – we believe that anything is possible



Anythink is your public library. 


Whether you’re curious about a topic or you’re mastering a new skill, discover something new at your local Anythink. 

Anythink serves the residents of Adams County, Colo., with seven branches in Bennett, Brighton, Commerce City, Thornton and the Perl Mack neighborhood of Denver. The library also offers outreach services through Anythink in Motion, the district’s bookmobile which visits neighborhoods and communities throughout the county. With a focus on innovation, Anythink’s award-winning approach to library service is recognized by industry leaders and organizations across the globe. 

Anythink’s vision is to be the catalyst for innovation in Adams County – a place where people are happy, healthy, safe and smart. We support lifelong learning for children, families, artists and entrepreneurs through hands-on programming, popular resources, and the one-on-one assistance of our dedicated staff. 

Our community deserves only the best libraries, places where our children and families will find delightful opportunities to learn about anything under the sun in the most beautiful, comfortable spaces. Our libraries are community assets that belong to you. 




Anythink Strategic Plan 2018-2022