Discussion Guidelines

Anythink is a place that celebrates ideas – in our libraries and our online environments. To keep the Anythink community fun, engaging and creative, here are some guidelines for joining in our online discussions.

  • Share your thoughts – We want to hear from you. Post comments, questions and ponderings; your feedback adds to the greater community conversation.
  • Stay on topic – Keep to the subject posted.
  • READ THINK DO – Read the discussions, think about your response and do publish. But remember, these comments can be read by anyone and will be archived.
  • R-E-S-P-E-C-T – Take notes from Aretha. Respect your online neighbors and fellow commenters.

Here are a few online conversation killers:

  • Spam or solicitations
  • Viruses, malware, worms, etc.
  • Copyrighted materials posted without permissions
  • Defamatory, hateful or obscene content
  • Personal information (i.e., addresses and phone numbers)

Our moderators hold the right to remove any comments that contain the above and can use their discretion in deciding what’s inappropriate. In most cases, users who do post inappropriate content will be contacted via email and asked to stop. Users who continuously ignore these guidelines will have their comments deleted and will be blocked from posting.