Take on a reading challenge

I have never successfully completed a reading challenge. For years, I have fine-tooth combed the many challenges offered by various blogs and celebrities. I choose one that sparks my interest and set out in a grand attempt to fulfill the listed requirements. My gusto rarely lasts past March and I quickly become preoccupied with a new reading goal, professional reading responsibilities, or, in the case of last year, a global pandemic.

Still, I trudge on and choose a new challenge every year. I am desperate to provide parameters for my reading or discover a new genre to love. Honestly, I just live for the challenge. 

Are you looking to set some focus to your reading list this year? Do you feel like your book selections could use a push outside the normal bounds? If yes, you are in luck. January has just begun and there is still time to hop onto one of the many popular reading challenges. Not only will I share some of my favorites for 2021, but I will go one step further with some titles to get you started. 

Book Riot’s 2021 Read Harder Challenge

2021 marks the seventh year for the Read Harder Challenge and the 24 tasks are designed to push you out of your reading habits. Why not start with task number 7: Read a fat-positive romance? Here are some juicy choices:

A RAD Reading Challenge for 2021

The RAD Challenge is doable for those of you looking to complete a smaller feat. My favorite category is "a random library grab" that I hope we can all fulfill as our doors reopen. Until then, I suggest beginning with one of the following books of poetry:

The 2021 POPSUGAR Reading Challenge

POPSUGAR’s list is possibly the most anticipated every year and this one does not disappoint with categories like "a book with a family tree" and "a locked-room mystery." I love a multi-generational story so here are a few to satisfy "a book featuring three generations":

Are you taking on a reading challenge this year? Leave a comment below to let us know which one you picked. Also, don’t worry. No one knows you didn’t finish your reading challenge unless you tell them.


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