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Book Review: 'Dogs vs. Ice Cream' by Diana Lundin

Dec 2 2019
I love gazing through our photography section in the library. There are some fabulous books in the collection that I don't think get enough exposure, and I especially love the titles that have animals in them. I mean, really who doesn't love a cute dog, right? I wouldn't think to pair ice cream and...

Anythink Songbook: Take me to the pilot

Dec 2 2019
In a recent thought-provoking post, my colleague Julie makes the case that there are two different kinds of favorite songs: songs tied to a particular moment in our lives, and songs that seem like...

Anythink Songbook: Memory songs and forever songs

Nov 25 2019
Back in the year 2000, my middle school boyfriend and I were struggling to choose "our song" (a task that was all too important at the time). He liked Blink-182 and my favorite songs from that year...

Getting teens involved in Colorado Blue Spruce Book Awards

Nov 19 2019
The Colorado Blue Spruce Award is a unique award where submissions are nominated by and voted on by teens. No adults allowed – including publishers. With a nod to the official state tree, this award is specific to teens in Colorado. There is a...

The ugly Christmas sweater: an origin story

Nov 19 2019
You see them at parties. You see them in pictures. You see them on Christmas cards. Suddenly, they are everywhere and yet most of the year they are nowhere, buried in the back of the closet until they burst out in glorious tackiness.  They are garish. They are loud. They hurt your eyes. They are...

The books that inspired your favorite 2019 Hallmark movies

Nov 14 2019
Hallmark Christmas movies have arrived! Beginning Oct. 25 (which seems ludicrously early), you can watch all of the Hallmark Christmas movies that your candlelight-loving,-marshmallow heart can take. However, did you know you can check out or order most of the books that inspired the movies before ...

New programs coming to Anythink Bennett

Nov 13 2019
Thanks for our awesome guides, Eric and Molly, Anythink Bennett has some new programming coming for all ages.  First, we invite you to our weekly Creation Lab that will run every Thursday from 2 pm-6 pm. The Creation Lab is...

Yes, thank you, Pete Holmes

Nov 8 2019
What is this? It’s a common refrain from a Pete Holmes, a successful comedian, podcaster, television star and, now, author. His new book,...

Book Review: 'The Whisper Man' by Alex North

Nov 5 2019
Let me tell you how worth the wait for The Whisper Man by Alex North was. I couldn't put this book down. From the title of...

6 new and notable novels

Oct 31 2019
I was captivated by Kate Quinn’s 2019 novel, The Huntress. It’s an epic work of historical fiction that adeptly covers...

Book Review: 'Before We Were Yours' by Lisa Wingate

Oct 24 2019
For the hundreds who vanished  and for the thousands who didn't.  May your stories  not be forgotten.  For those who help today's orphans  find forever homes.  May you always know the value of your work  and your love. These words are printed at the beginning of...
Photo of someone reading an ebook on an Kindle

Challenges we face with ebooks

Oct 22 2019
Why do we have to wait so long for ebooks? At Anythink, our mission is to “open doors for curious minds.” Getting people what they want, when they want it is an important part of making Anythink a destination for our community. Since we launched ebooks and downloadable audiobooks at Anythink 10...

Elevated Reading: The Highlands and 'Kazu Jones and the Denver Dognappers'

Oct 17 2019
As Denver grows, so does its national recognition as a hip, up-and-coming place to live. Denver’s hippest places are on full display in...

Protecting your skin: Resources for understanding melanoma

Oct 17 2019
Imagine having an appointment with your doctor, a regular yearly checkup, and everything is going well as usual – that is, until your doctor says,"Hmm, this mole looks kinda funky. You mind if I do a quick biopsy just to check it?" When this  happened to me, I felt confident – I'm a young and...

The thrill of the heist

Oct 9 2019
A heist story turns its audience into the accomplices of a crime. Other stories ask us to like or empathize with their characters. A heist story asks us to discard the ethics and morals we abide by in our daily lives. The main characters are criminals, stealing something that was never theirs to...

Elevated Reading: 'Tallgrass' and the history of Japanese internment camps in Colorado

Oct 3 2019
This is the first post in Elevated Reading, reviews that will focus on both fiction and non-fiction books that take place in Colorado, and the history behind those subjects. Tallgrass, a novel by Sandra Dallas, is a fictional novel inspired by the very real internment camp of Granada, also called...

So you want to write a book: Steps to take before Chapter 1

Oct 3 2019
It starts with the whisper of an idea; a concept, an inspiration, a fresh take on something that has already been done. Perhaps it’s something you’ve seen, or a song that you heard. Perhaps you’ve read something and thought “I can do better.” Perhaps you’ve read something and thought, “What great...

New haunted reads for Halloween

Sep 20 2019
Halloween season is here and I, for one, am ready for it. My family lives for trick-or-treating, Halloween costumes, pumpkin patches, copious amounts of candy and flickering candles. To help set the ominous atmosphere, I decided years ago that I would only read creepy books for the entirety of...

Review: 'Rumple Buttercup' by Matthew Gray Gubler

Sep 20 2019
Sometimes it's necessary to depart from your normal and branch out into something fun and youthful. Being a fan of Matthew Gray Gubler's work in the show Criminal Minds, I have been waiting for his children's book...

Book review: 'The Stranger in the Woods' by Michael Finkel

Aug 20 2019
I was slightly intrigued by The Stranger in the Woods when I sat in on...