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A dossier for John le Carré

Apr 22 2016
One of the year’s most anticipated new TV series is The Night Manager, which began airing April 19th on AMC. Already a hit in England, where it garnered critical acclaim and social media buzz, The Night Manager follows Jonathan Pine (Tom...

Accepting the Read Harder Challenge

Apr 18 2016
I’m always up for a challenge. I like to push myself to see if I can do something new, maybe even hard. The process of persevering and having a purpose, a goal, is motivating to me (not to mention I have a huge competitive streak, even if my only competition is myself). So when I heard about...

The timeless Roald Dahl

Apr 12 2016
We love the books of our childhood with guileless, uninhibited passion – which is why it can be so tempting to go back to them as adults. Who wouldn’t want to recapture that electric thrill of falling through a book into a new world, peopled with characters who speak for us, who become our friends...
green manure, cover crops

Get down and dirty: Soil tips for your garden

Mar 28 2016
“If you have the soul of a gardener, not for anything would you work with gloves on.” – Ruth Stout Healthy vegetables and herbs begin with rich soil. What's in the soil ends up in the crop, which ends up in you! Therefore, think organic. Organic matter has come from once-living organisms. Just as...

10 opening lines that intrigue

Mar 10 2016
Call me interested: do you have a favorite first line from a novel? “Call me Ishmael,” says the narrator, to begin Herman Melville’s...

Exploring the Apollo Program from two different perspectives

Mar 7 2016
Depending on your age, the Apollo Program either belongs to history or memory. It’s been 47 years since the first human beings walked on the moon, and time, with its abiding patience, has eroded the impact of this monumental achievement. But great films act like wormholes through the fabric of time...

Computers for not-dummies

Mar 7 2016
“I am probably the dumbest person with computers,” the woman said to me as she came into my weekly Tech Drop-ins session. In my line of work, it really isn’t surprising to hear this sentence, and it is remarkable how untrue it often is.  Technology is getting better so quickly these days that a lot...

Garden dreamin': Tips for early garden plotting

Mar 3 2016
No matter what time of year, I'm pondering and planning about growing – vegetable growing and growing my inner self. Living on the mile-high plains of Colorado, after growing up in the mid-Atlantic area, learning to grow veggies at any time of year is challenging! The hail, quick temperature...

March is Space Month at Anythink

Feb 18 2016
  "The sky calls to us." – Carl Sagan Throughout the month of March, join Anythink for a variety of space-related programs, experiences and special events. Space Month is a district-wide celebration of all things space science and an opportunity for people of all ages to expand their knowledge of...

Putting the science back into science fiction

Feb 18 2016
Time travel. Extraterrestrial civilizations. Artificial wormholes crisscrossing the galaxy like a celestial highway system. These are the types of ideas science fiction has made famous. However, most of the science in science fiction isn’t very...scientific. And that’s okay. Science fiction is,...

'Poldark': For fans of 'Downton Abbey'

Feb 16 2016
Are you a Downton Abbey fan? Are you sad the show is in its final season? Do you have that "What will I watch now?" feeling? I feel your pain. Who else will be able satisfy our desire for entertainment they...

A journey through space and time

Feb 4 2016
A stargazer is also a time traveler, and telescopes allow us to venture to the most distant and ancient reaches of the universe. Even hurtling through space at 186,000 miles per second, it takes light from the next closest star over four years to reach Earth. And compared with the grand scale of...

6 books to check out before they hit the big screen in 2016

Feb 4 2016
2016 is going to be a great year for readers and moviegoers. With so many books being translated into movies, there is a little bit of something for every type of reader. Just like Anythink's blog post for book-to-movie adaptations in...

Grow your garden: The Free Seeds & Transplants Program

Jan 13 2016
In collaboration with Denver Urban Gardens, Anythink is providing free seeds and transplants to individuals, families, schools and community organizations based on annual adjusted gross income levels in order to ensure that everyone has access to healthy food. If you're...

For the love: 4 novels

Jan 13 2016
If you love books and reading, and especially if you cherish settling in with a well-written novel, the following four titles are for you. When cold winds bluster, nestle into your nest and dedicate yourself to these books about books – and about love. Embracing these novels as you burrow in your...

Exploring the human brain

Dec 30 2015
With information traveling at 260 mph, more than 100,000 chemical reactions occurring per second, 86 billion cells and over 10,000 types of neurons, the human brain is probably the most complex entity known to man. And for all of our advancements in science, especially neuroscience, there is still...

Saudi Arabia: Traveling through books

Nov 6 2015
I love traveling through books – visiting new places, meeting new people, immersing myself in a new culture and feeling like I’ve literally “been there” and “done that” all because a talented writer has taken the time to craft an authentic experience for me. This month I had the pleasure of being...
Fan Fiction Grand Prize Winner Hannah C.

'The Blossoming Bride': LOTR-inspired fan fiction contest winner

Oct 27 2015
Anythink York Street recently held a fan fiction writing contest that challenged teens to write an original story based on their favorite book, movie or TV show characters. There were nine entries, and each was outstanding. We are very proud of all our participants! After all was written and read,...

Serious fun: Exploring Zeina Abirached’s graphic novels

Oct 21 2015
Serious fun – not seriously funny, but serious fun.  That is how I would describe Zeina Abirached’s graphic novels I Remember Beirut and...

Art lessons: Books for young readers

Oct 12 2015
Picture books can be a wonderful way to introduce young readers to the world of art. Reading helps children to discover the work of well-known artists, and it also allows them to explore different types of art. In addition, sharing books about artists – and reading about being an artist – can...