Kylo Ren drives a bus

Kylo Ren is Adam Driver
Directed by Jim Jarmusch

The newly released DVD Paterson, directed by Jim Jarmusch is an enjoyable ride through work week monotony. Instead of hunting down the rebel cause and attempting to extinguish the Jedi, Kylo Ren has a new job description. Armed with a watch,  journal and blue uniform, Adam Driver takes on the role of bus driver. Paterson is his name, but it is also the location: Paterson, New Jersey, the birthplace and stomping grounds of many famous poets, from Allen Ginsberg to William Carlos Williams. 

The film is essentially a week in the life of a bus driver. We witness the daily routines of a man chasing his dreams. He trudges through a repetitive job to support his wife and loveable bulldog, Marvin. His daily discontentment gives his wife the freedom to explore new passions and discover her dreams, free of burden. Spending every spare moment of the work day perfecting his poetry, Paterson runs through phrases over and over to perfect the sentence. This gives the audience a rare glimpse into the written creative process. His poems focus on the little details, deriving meaning from items that most people pass by unnoticed. Gathering inspiration from random conversations overheard from passengers and absorbing the surrounding environment as he moseys along the same new Jersey streets.

If you enjoyed the Star Wars reboot and are a fan of public transport, this is a movie for you. Seriously though, if you are a dreamer and you think your day job is preventing you from achieving your goals, give this film a watch.

Paterson Official Trailer 1 (2016) - Adam Driver Movie