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Anythink Huron Street tech guide Shannon Smith during last year's training day

Anythinkers connect in whole new way

Dec 14 2012
Each year on Columbus Day, Anythink is closed to the public for an all-staff training day, typically focused on one of our core values:  Compassion for our customers and for each other Passion for our product  Eagerness to learn  Optimistic attitude – we believe anything is possible During last...
Breath deeply this December

As the days grow darker...remember to be light

Dec 14 2012
December is here. Stress from all angles has probably begun to crowd your thoughts or sing you to sleep (more like tuck you in and keep you awake at night with anxiety). Stress seems to arrive out of nowhere, like an uninvited house guest. We seem to know that stress has terrible effects on our...

The weather outside is frightful, but my winter reading list is delightful

Dec 14 2012
It's happening: the days are getting shorter, the air is getting colder and each new weather forecast brings the possibility of snow. Winter is upon us. For many Coloradans, this means it's time to break out the skis and snowboards, but for athletically challenged bookworms (read: nerds) like...

Finding inspiration in the most unlikely place

Dec 14 2012
Today I found inspiration in the most unlikely of places – the Obituaries & Memorials of the Denver Post. Yep, that’s right, you heard me. Not in the words of the latest self-help guru or in the pages of the numerous religious, spiritual and motivational reading available, but right there, in...

One last read

Dec 14 2012
Well, here we are - December 2012 and the ominous date of 12/21/12 is fast approaching. For weeks I kept referring to 12/12/12 as the ominous day until my daughter kindly informed me I had it all wrong – something teenage daughters are good at, I might add. It turns out there is nothing special...