Local entrepreneur spotlight: Sweet Caroline Confections

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Need to satisfy your sweet tooth? Sweet Caroline Confections has you covered.

Based in Thornton, Sweet Caroline Confections is the home of the original Sparkle Lollipops. The various designs, flavors, and bright colors make for some very interesting and tasty treats. These designs are complemented by the long list of available flavors including guava, cotton candy and champagne.

I got the chance to talk with owner of Sweet Caroline Confections Andrea Caroline about her bright and creative business.

Q: How did Sweet Caroline Confections get its start?:

Andrea Caroline: Sweet Caroline Confections was born as a happy accident in 2012 from my first business, Sweet Caroline Creations, a handmade jewelry business focused on wire wrapping and gorgeous semi-precious stones. I was doing many craft fairs in South Florida and Halloween 2012 rolled around with one of the largest fairs in the area. All vendors were required to have candy on their table as a "trick or treat" activity for incoming patrons. Instead of store-bought candy, I decided to make clear lollipops with candy corn and licorice. Absolutely everyone loved them and started placing orders. The rest is history!

Q: What inspired you to start your own business?

A.C.: I had always known that I wanted to be my own boss ever since I was in high school. Once I saw people's reactions at that first show, I saw an incredible opportunity that no one else was doing. You cannot get better than candy and sparkles! After endless nights of no sleep, coming home to make candy after my day job, I decided that it was time to do it full time and I was self-employed by July 2013.

Q: What are some of the challenges of starting and running your own business?

A.C.: My biggest challenge has been learning how to actually manage a business. All the bookkeeping and legalities on being a business owner, as well as being a young employer, sometimes directing people twice my age.

Q: What has been the most rewarding aspect of owning this business?

A.C.: There have certainly been more pros than cons. The fact that I have managed to build this sparkle lollipop business from scratch has been a huge accomplishment for me. Thousands of people across the world have enjoyed our confections, many saying that they have never seen or tasted anything like them. We have worked with huge names such as Marc Jacobs, GUESS, Chanel, Makeup Forever, Neiman Marcus, and Victoria's Secret. The list goes on and on. The relationships that you build both professionally and personally are incredibly rewarding.

Q: Do you have a word of advice to someone looking to start their own business?

A.C.: Never doubt yourself. Trust your gut and be assertive with what you want to achieve. Always remember that a goal without a deadline is just a dream! Make that dream a reality.

Learn more about Sweet Caroline Confections and order some lollipops for yourself here.


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