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Robots are taking over – and it's going to be okay

May 22 2015
More and more, Futureland is starting to look like Nowland. In places like Japan, you already have robotic receptionists, waiters and other personnel staff.  Here, most of our robots don’t have legs, but whether you realize it or not, robots are everywhere from smartphones to home automation to...
Reckless, a new novel by the author of Inkheart, will be appearing on several summer reading lists this year.

Summer slide? Not with these reads

May 21 2015
School’s nearly out, and that it means it’s time for:  Road trips? Summer barbeques? Hanging out at the pool? No, summer reading lists of course! Summer reading is a long-standing tradition of assigning incoming 6th-12th graders books to read between July and August. The idea is to avoid the “...

Denver Comic Con 2015 Giveaway: How to enter for your chance to win

May 11 2015
Grab your capes, superheroes. Denver Comic Con 2015 is just around the corner. Anythink is celebrating all things comics throughout May with a variety of comic...
Technology tutoring takes place across generations

4 ways beginners see computers differently

May 5 2015
Are you working with a loved one to help them catch up with computers of the 21st century? Many people find themselves in a position where they are teaching a friend or loved one with basic computer skills, and it’s easy to get frustrated. One of the main reasons it can be so frustrating is because...

Let's celebrate literary moms

May 5 2015
Moms! Moms are great. Mother figures are great – grandmas, aunts, step-moms, sisters. Since Mother’s Day is around the corner, I thought it would be fun to highlight some great literary mothers (the good, the bad and the occasionally ugly). My list represents the mothers in novels I love. Do you...

Love for book club – and the benefits of reading outside your usual go-to choices

May 2 2015
Recently, I had the opportunity to facilitate book club here at Anythink Wright Farms where we discussed Still...

Review: Anythink homework databases

May 2 2015
It’s 6 pm on Sunday. Your child has just informed you that he/she has procrastinated on their school project that is due tomorrow. Insert O face emoji. On top of not even starting this project, they inform you that they must have at least three peer-reviewed or primary resources, and that lovely...
Watchmen by Alan Moore

Why comic books matter (and how to get one for free)

Apr 23 2015
Free Comic Book Day returns to Anythink York Street on Saturday, May 2. Stop by to pick up free comics starting at 10 am until we run out. Stay tuned for more upcoming comic-related events at Anythink in May. In the...
Baby's in black : Astrid Kirchherr, Stuart Sutcliffe, and the Beatles

Why comic books matter (and how to get one for free)

Apr 23 2015
A parent takes their child to the library to find "good" books to read. Should the parent be dismayed when the child appears with a tall stack of comic books? Despite their reputation, you might be surprised to learn that comic books are a great way to make reading and learning fun for you and your...
Essential Pleasures

Poetry in springtime: A celebration of National Poetry Month

Apr 20 2015
A: April. April is a poem – sudden, with flowering branches and changing winds. With its beauty and cruelty, and its sense of awakening, the month of April calls for attention to poetry. The call continues in May, with its...

Review: 'Share: The Cookbook that Celebrates our Common Humanity'

Apr 13 2015
I recently wrote about two young women with inspiring stories. Both of these young women had survived harrowing circumstances in their youth and I was especially touched by their inner strength...
The lib*interactive crew in Austin, Texas

Technology, inspiration and collaboration at SXSWi

Mar 23 2015
Year after year, industries of all shapes and sizes from around the globe converge in Austin, Texas, for the annual South by Southwest Interactive festival (SXSWi). The festival, which combines innovative presentations, panels, showcases and more, also serves as a great opportunity for library...
The God of Small Things

Discover the world: India at Anythink

Mar 11 2015
Wouldn't you love to travel to faraway lands and experience the sights, tastes, and culture of a place totally different than your home? I know I would. While I save up for that trip around the world, I use the library to whet my apetite for travel adventures. This month, I'm focusing on India in...
Pam Sandlian Smith at TEDxMileHigh

TED Talks: Videos that inspire

Mar 11 2015
“TED is a platform for ideas worth spreading… On we're building a clearinghouse of free knowledge from the world's most inspired thinkers – and a community of curious souls to engage with ideas and each other.” Here at Anythink, our mission is to open doors for curious minds. One...

Plots available at Anythink Commerce City's community garden

Mar 9 2015
With spring season right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about our gardens. Anythink Commerce City, in partnership with Denver Urban Gardens, offers a limited amount of gardening plots for public use. Both new and established gardeners...

Bugs and beyond: 17 books for kids

Feb 27 2015
March 2-7, 2015, is Bug Week at Anythink Wright Farms, where kids and adults will have fun learning all about insects. To help young readers investigate and enjoy bugs beyond these events, consider the...
The Backyard Beekeeper's Honey Handbook

Bug books for curious cooks

Feb 25 2015
Entomophagy, or humans eating insects, is an accepted practice in much of the world. Insects can be a nutritious and environmentally friendly source of food, according to proponents. Are you curious about the possibilities? Two Cricket Cooking Classes will be offered (...

From book to the big screen in 2015

Feb 23 2015
There are so many movies coming out in 2015 that are based on books – more than 100 according to IMDB. And, if you’re like me and you can’t stand to watch a movie before you’ve read the book, than you have a lot of reading to do. Since there is no...
From Anythink Catalog

A love/hate reading guide to Valentine's Day

Feb 12 2015
Let’s be honest. Valentine’s Day is not everyone’s favorite holiday. In fact, I hear more people on Facebook, Twitter, at work, and at school state negative things about this holiday than any other: “Happy Single-Awareness Day”; "A day created by Hallmark to sell cards and chocolate”; “Why have one...
"Very Short Fairy Tales to Read Together" by Mary Ann Hoberman

Reading ever after: Fairy tale fun with little ones

Feb 6 2015
Once upon a a land far away, I read my first fairy tales. I was enamored. The stories were exciting, and only a little bit scary. I’m intrigued now by how classic fairy tales are told, and retold, for readers of different ages. Fairy tales can be delightful – and also frightful. They can...