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You can code: Get started with these resources

Nov 28 2016
Coding. Computer science. Javascript. HTML. Sound like a foreign language? Don’t worry – Hour of Code™ is here to help. Hour of Code™ is a world-wide celebration of all things computer science with a strong emphasis on coding, the language of computers. The...

Monsters, mysteries, murders and more: 6 supernatural stories for fall

Nov 21 2016
Everyone loves a good story – especially during fall, when stories of dark magic, supernatural beings, and thrilling fantasies align with this season. Here is a great group of books and movies that include all of the mayhem, mystery, creatures, and escapades of this beloved time of year....

Telling stories: 3 memoirs

Nov 10 2016
Storytelling invites understanding. In particular, a real-life narrative, such as a memoir, asks for attention and comprehension. Recently, I enjoyed reading three disparate memoirs, appreciating their interesting information and separate points of view. Tig Notaro, Juan Thompson and Pat Summitt...
The life and legend of Aaron Swartz

Information should always be free. The library is that haven.

Oct 26 2016
The access to information, the ability to look anything up, has become a necessity since the dawn of the internet. With the explosion of smartphones worldwide, the cost of entry to this vast knowledge base has been significantly lowered. Everyone in the world can link into this seemingly infinite...

De Palma Gets Candid In New Documentary

Oct 26 2016
It’s difficult to think of a filmmaker with quite as polarizing a resume as Brian De Palma. Over the course of nearly half a decade, the writer/director has veered wildly back and forth from...

Close-up magic tricks: the short fiction of Stephen King

Oct 17 2016
Stephen King is one of the most commercially successful authors of all time, and yet he regularly and enthusiastically works in one of the least commercial genres: short fiction. As he puts it – somewhat self-effacingly – in his introduction to...

Manga mania

Oct 5 2016
Ever heard of manga? Chances are you have, but in case you haven't, here is an overview: Manga is a style of Japanese comic books and graphic novels that are read from right to left instead of left to right. Whether you’ve read manga before or just looking for something new, here are just a few...

A history of the universe in 81 pages

Sep 26 2016
Carlo Rovelli’s Seven Brief Lessons on Physics is the literary equivalent of a singularity – compact, majestic and mind-...

The Gilmore Girls will 'be there' this fall

Sep 23 2016
When it was announced last fall that Gilmore Girls would be returning via Netflix, with four new 90-minute episodes, the...

'A House in the Sky' and other African memoirs

Sep 23 2016
A House in the Sky by Amanda Lindhout is a New York Times bestseller, winner of the 2014 CBC Bookie Award for Best Canadian...

Get to know your neighbors

Sep 9 2016
Some people think the library is just about checking out books. It is also an amazing place to meet interesting people, or just spend time being in a space filled with chatter and good vibes. I used to think that the best libraries were like Jewish delis, filled with stories and friendly people who...

Vampire books that don't suck

Sep 2 2016
One of the most famous fictional characters in books and movies are vampires. Whether they are sparkly and romantic or feral and high dangerous, vampires are fun to read about. Here are some books that will not disappoint in regards to vampirism!...
Check out this book now for more examples of famous routines

The daily rituals of artists and how to improve your own routine

Sep 2 2016
“One’s daily routine is a choice, or a whole series of choices. In the right hands it can be a finely calibrated mechanism for taking advantage of a range of limited resources: time, willpower, self-discipline, optimism. A solid routine fosters a well-worn groove for one’s mental energies and helps...

Old movies through new eyes (Part II)

Aug 25 2016
When two cinephiles realize they’re in the company of a fellow addict, it’s hard to shut them up. They compare favorite movies, quote lines of dialogue, reenact scenes. And then the moment invariably comes when one is forced to admit having not seen a particular movie; he’s been meaning to, he just...

Old movies through new eyes (Part I)

Aug 25 2016
When two cinephiles realize they’re in the company of a fellow addict, it’s hard to shut them up. They compare favorite movies, quote lines of dialogue, reenact scenes. And then the moment invariably comes when one is forced to admit having not seen a particular movie; he’s been meaning to, he just...

Spend the night at LA Theatre Works

Jul 15 2016
For the last 25 years, L.A. Theatre Works has been transforming stage plays into works of “audio theatre.” Accompanied by music and sound effects, actors record their parts in a studio or in front of a live audience. In effect, L.A. Theatre Works has...

Resources for tiny-house living

Jul 12 2016
One of the biggest housing trends in Colorado is not actually big, but small. In fact, tiny. With the promise of more freedom, greater mobility and less expense, tiny houses are becoming increasingly popular for those who are looking to play more and work less. And since Colorado is essentially a...

Utopia or dystopia? 5 great novels about future society

Jul 11 2016
Collapsing nations. Corrupted governments. Ruthless leaders. Separation. The worst part about all of these things? They usually occur in societies that seem nearly perfect. Some of the greatest books today center around different utopias, places that are flawless, and dystopias, their opposites....

The quietly haunting drama of '45 Years'

Jul 8 2016
You can never truly know another person’s interior life, and once a suggestion has been planted in your brain, whether it be fact or fiction, it cannot be unthought. These are the deep ponderings of...

Summer reads for tweens

Jul 7 2016
Finding the right book is always a challenge, especially if you’re a tween trying to find a good, fun read. With the lazy days of summer come books, so why not try these light reads for all ages?...