When summer doesn't, but kids do

Photo of a small boy running past a water sprinkler

Whelp, this wasn’t the summer that most of us had planned for now, was it? In our family’s mind, the summer of 2020 was going to be one of nostalgic fun: campouts, swimming pools, theme parks, movies, friends and parties and barbeques. Instead, our summer looks like this: staying mostly in or just outside of the house with measured, small and safe activities.

This is certainly a blow for parents who, during the stay at home order struggled to keep their kids entertained, and now have the task of doing so for the entire summer. All of the normal entertaining activities that keep kids stimulated are usually of the larger, community type: playgrounds, outdoor sports, swimming pools, theme parks and summer camps aren’t currently available. What's a parent to do?

Cry, perhaps. Maybe have a glass of wine. And then, like all parents during this, we just move forward. Parenting waits for no one. The good news is that Anythink is going to help with our innovative, once-in-a-lifetime mySummer program! Anythink is inviting you to READ THINK DO this summer. Check out more details here

The other good news is that I have a few ideas for you on how to have some home-grown fun that my family has loved. While it won’t compare to a normal summer, anything that keeps the kids entertained is a win for parents right now.

Water Balloon Baseball

Start with a game of water balloon baseball: when the bat hits the water balloon (and explodes), everyone throws balloons until the runner hits home. This is a super fun game that leaves everyone laughing and exhausted. 

Board Game Championship

Pull out your family’s favorite board games and have alternate rounds leading up to the championship game. The winner gets an Amazon gift card to raise the stakes. 

Chalk Obstacle Course

This is a great one for the littles! They love doing a complex chalk outline obstacle course, complete with hopscotch, lava spots and super power dots.

Wood and Stump Balance Beams

Have stumps? Have wood?  Lay the wood across the stumps, or nail them in for extra stability, and you can make something that will bring your little ones a fun bit of entertainment every day. Bonus points for balance improvement!

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Use local resources to learn about plants or animals in your own neighborhood that every kid can find in their own backyard and send them on a hunt.

Plant a Fairy Garden

Either make your own out of leaves, twigs, or whatever you have in your yard, or order a starter kit online. Kids have always loved tiny things, and fairy gardens are no exception.

Get Out the Slip N Slide

We loved it when we were kids, and our kids will love it too. A Slip N Slide never goes out of style.

And if all else fails, you can always pop in a movie, over-butter your popcorn, and call your living room a theater.