Busting indoor boredom with masking tape

Young boy looks out window
Sorting with Shapes. Masking Tape Shapes with Tupperware Lids, Post-It Notes and a Felt triangle being sorted into the masking tape shapes.
Great White shark outline made of masking tape with an average height human laying inside it.
Hopscotch made from masking tape on carpet
Agility Ladder

Social distancing might mean you and your family are already bouncing off the walls, and with winter weather moving in, the cabin fever is only going to spike. If you’re looking for a way to burn off some extra energy, look no further than your nearest roll of masking tape. Here are some ideas for little kids, big kids, all ages, and even grown-ups. 

For each of these activities, you’ll need a little bit of floor space and masking tape.  

For little kids

Learn about shapes. Talking about and playing with shapes helps young children recognize letters.

Make a large square, rectangle, triangle, and circle on the floor out of masking tape. Ask your child to match smaller objects to the big shape or, for a more active option, run from shape to shape as you call each one out. 

For big kids

Add onto a science lesson. While you probably can’t fit a great white shark in your living room, what about a dinosaur foot? 

If you are learning about other animals, practice measuring out how far they can jump and create your own animal long jump. Be sure to mark each family member’s best jump, too! 

For all ages 

  • Go for the gold. Create a balance beam using several strips of tape next to one another. For grown-ups, we might be practicing a toe-heel walk down the length of the beam to keep our balance skills strong. Kids of all ages might enjoy perfecting a fun beam routine with pirouettes and fancy arm movements. 
  • Go old-school. Tape down a game of hopscotch, and play with the whole family! 

For athletes and grown-ups

Get your heart-rate up. The gym might be closed, but you can use masking tape to create your own agility ladder. Lace up your sneakers and get moving

For even more fun

 Hand the rest of the roll over to the kids and see what they create. 

And for all of the above, don't forget to drink water, wash your hands, and have fun!