Feeling anxious? Discover health resources at Anythink

It’s not a stretch to say that Americans are suffering from unprecedented amounts of anxiety in 2020. COVID, job insecurity, loss of work, politics, a discussion about systematic racism, political upheaval ... all of these things have been thrown at us this year in an unending hailstorm of change and stress. It’s an anxious time to be a human being. It’s an especially anxious time to be an American.

While the best thing for anxiety is to seek out professional mental health, Anythink can help answer easier questions with access to mental health and anxiety information through our materials and Research and Online Learning Resources. These are free resources to help you research and learn about anxiety, mental health and other important medical information.

Some of these helpful databases include:

Consumer Health Complete: Find comprehensive information on all areas of health and wellness, from mainstream medicine to the many perspectives of complementary, holistic and integrated medicine.

Gale Health and Wellness: Gale Health and Wellness offers 24/7 access to full-text medical journals, magazines, reference works, multimedia, and much more. Perfect for researchers at all levels, this comprehensive consumer health resource provides authoritative information on the full range of health-related issues, from current disease and disorder information to in-depth coverage of alternative medical practices.

Medline Plus: Learn information about drugs, latest health news, and find answers to health questions. An illustrated medical encyclopedia and interactive patient tutorials are also available. Plus, there is also Medline Plus en Español available.

Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection: Browse a comprehensive database covering topics in emotional and behavioral characteristics, psychiatry and psychology, mental processes, anthropology, and observational and experimental methods.

PubMed: Access thousands of biomedical citations and abstracts from over 5,000 journals published in the United States and 80 other countries.

In addition to our online database, you can always find books about anxiety or mental health, including these new releases: