What the world needs now is the weird world of Jenny Slate

When I listened to the audio of Jenny Slate's essay collection, Little Weirds, a couple of months ago, I had no idea it would be so emotionally prescient. I've been a fan of Slate's singularly quirky humor for years, but her brilliant, beautiful and bizarre voice resonated with me in ways I couldn't anticipate.

The onset of 2020 has been a personally challenging one – emotionally, physically, philosophically – pretty much every which way there is to experience this wacky thing called life. But, of course, that has extended beyond my own little bubble these past few months as we universally find ourselves in uncharted territory.

So, as we socially distance and wait out this surreal situation, it's the perfect time to embrace Ms. Slate's insights, which are at once absurd, hilarious, painful, and will remind you of the reserves of strength you hold, deep down in your gut.

All you need is your library card to access the Little Weirds ebook or e-audiobook through OverDrive.

Also free to stream with both Hoopla and Kanopy is the cinematic gem Obvious Child, which showcases Slate's curious combination of effervescent charm and existential angst.

If you have a Netflix account, and want to further immerse yourself in Slate's unique worldview, check out her funny and intimate stand-up special, Stage Fright.

And, last but not least, take a look at her claim to fame below, Marcel the Shell with Shoes On. In fact, if you do nothing else, watch this indescribable 2010 stop motion short, co-written by Slate, which was followed by a sequel and two children's books.







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