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As we all know, it’s summer, and ever since the public school system as we know it was instituted some 150 years ago, one of the pillars of childhood has been to escape from the classroom as quickly as possible when the school year ends. With summer vacation comes travels away from home, either as a family group on road trip, to visit relatives, or independently as we head off to summer camps. This year may be the first time your kids are flying solo, which is sure to be a huge, exciting new adventure for them. This can also come with instances of separation anxiety and homesickness, no matter what age group a young person falls into. You are never too old to miss a place that is familiar to you.

One fantastic way of combatting that pining for the comfortable is to send your kids with reminders of home. What better reminder of home can there be than the sound of your voice? When you visit The Studio at Anythink, you can access Adobe Audition, a media program excellent for recording and editing many different forms of audio – from podcasts and interviews, to bedtime stories and music. This summer, we’ve seen many customers use this program, but the best – or perhaps the most original – use we’ve seen for Audition by a customer was to record their child’s favorite bedtime story to upload to their child’s iPod Touch in preparation for sending them off on summer travels.

Perhaps summer camp, summer intensives, or independent travel isn’t on the books this year. That's okay – there are other ways and reasons to take advantage of this idea, as well as Adobe Audition in general. The older adults in my life are so fond of recounting my older sister’s toddlerhood, during which she hung off the people around her, forever demanding that another storybook be read to her – most often, it was the Golden Book version of Disney’s Cinderella. Spoiler alert, my sister’s persistence drove the most even-tempered adults to tears. Imagine the sanity that might have been spared if my sister’s care providers could have just recorded that book for her to listen to ad infinitum?

Whatever your goal or situation, if there’s a young human in your life who loves the sound of your voice, and you’re looking to keep them happy while maintaining your own peace of mind, drop into The Studio. We can show you how it’s done, as well as offer our expert advice on the best bedtime stories to add to your personal “audiobook” library. (It’s Harold and the Purple Crayon.)



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