How to get the most out of Anythink’s Open Studio hours

“The Studio at Anythink creates experience centered around production and puts interest-driven, informal learning into action."

When it comes to interest-driven and informal learning, there is no list of rules for every person to follow. Everyone experiences life in different and beautiful ways, which means everyone has individualized ways of learning. This idea of everyone being a creative individual drives Anythink’s Studio philosophy.

Of the many ways to use The Studio, our open Studio hours are the most customizable. Open Studio is meant to mold to what it is you want to do within the space. But what does this look like? What can you do? Well, let me give you an example or two. Within our current focus areas of digital design and production, we have had customers using the time and space to work on their own individual projects – and those that are either not offered in our program line-up or are more advanced. Our programs are planned around the beginning processes of any creative effort – currently, that includes video, audio, YouTube and mobile productions. For a customer who starts out wanting to begin a YouTube channel from scratch or a customer returning to YouTube after a hiatus, our YouTube programs would be an ideal place to gain knowledge. But if you are a seasoned YouTuber with an already established following, Open Studio is an ideal time to advance your skills with Adobe Premier Pro. Or, if you have pictures from a recent vacation to Spain but the colors are off, we offer programs on basic mobile editing and Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom editing. But what if you’ve already been running your own wedding photography business for years? The Studio is a place for one-on-one feedback – the perfect place for this. And these are only a couple of examples for everything that can be created in the space. 

If you are curious about what else the space can be used for then give us a call or stop on by and we would love to answer your questions.

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