Borrowing blue: 4 new picture books

Blue colors the pages of four new picture books in compelling and beautiful ways. In these stories and illustrations, blue is the color of sky and moon, day and night. Notably, it is not really a color associated with sadness here, but rather, one used to express something joyful. Borrowing blue from these pages, readers can explore anew this vivid and varied color.

They Say Blue by Jillian Tamaki

Blue is the sky at the beginning of this simple story about a girl who carefully observes a variety of colors in her world. Blue returns at the end of this book when author and illustrator Jillian Tamaki paints the girl’s peaceful slumber and her special hair ribbon. While this book explores multiple colors, blue is the main one used to point towards awareness and acceptance.

The Boy and the Blue Moon by Sara O’Leary and illustrated by Ashley Crowley

Blue is one moon in this sweet story about the nighttime journey shared by a boy and his cat. The two friends happily explore a world of blue on the night of the blue moon, when “anything can happen.” Every page of this book is a beautiful mix of quiet blues, presenting a sense of serenity along with the excitement. Here, blue communicates both a peaceful happiness and an imaginative adventure.

Blue Rider by Geraldo Valerio

Blue is this book within a book celebrating reading. In a crowded grey landscape, a girl finds a book with a blue cover – and opens it to uncover a blue horse. As she starts to read, her world comes alive, bright and untamed. Blue helps to set a celebratory tone throughout this book, and most importantly, it is the key color employed to illustrate the joyful moment when the girl discovers reading.

Twilight Chant by Holly Thompson and illustrated by Jen Betton

Blue is day ending soon in this story about twilight. Purple hues predominate while announcing night’s arrival, and blue appears only a little, showing the day’s final minutes. These brief moments of blue help to demonstrate and define twilight as the time when night begins and day ends.

Blue is the sky. Blue is one moon. Blue is this book. Blue is day ending soon. Reading these blue books left me smiling. Will you borrow blue and discover a similar happiness?