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Keeping it Odd: the Film Guide

May 23 2013
There are many odd and interesting films that exist, and here is a list of some movies that have kept it weird. These fall through many different genres and use different art styles, but all have quirky bits that make them notable. Genres can be limiting and these movies prove that. Dystopian...

Warmer weather means fresher food

May 22 2013
Spring is my favorite time of year. I love everything about it. I love the clean smell of the rain, I love feeling the spring sunshine again, and I love seeing the first spring flowers peeking up through the snow. This spring, as the saying goes, has "come in like a lion," and I thought the snow...
Young Anythinker Paige holds a baby chick

Fun with Feathers: Embryology at Anythink

May 14 2013
I had never seen a chick being born. Even when I was a young child living with my parents (and we had a chicken coop in the backyard), my only contact was when I was feeding them or gathering eggs. There was never a situation where I got to see a chick being born. I’m kind of sad about that now. To...

The Summer Road Less Traveled: Books to inspire creative vacations

May 8 2013
This is the time of year when my family starts to plan our summer vacations. I say vacations because we never take an extended tour of any place, but focus our exploits on long weekends that usually involve a road trip. Road trips remind me of my childhood in the station wagon with the fold-up jump...

Fuel for Your Space Dreams

May 2 2013
If you could travel to space, would you? Many people, including myself, have dreamed about becoming an astronaut and visiting outer space. This past Monday, Virgin Galactic, the world's first commercial spaceline, brought that dream one step closer to reality. VG's SpaceShipTwo successfully...

Plain and Simple

Apr 30 2013
I have noticed a growing fascination with all things Amish and I'm wondering why. What is it? Is it the simplistic lifestyle of the Amish that fascinates so many people who are running around, constantly on the go from here to there? Are some people perhaps a little envious of the slower-paced,...

Wide Open Spaces

Apr 22 2013
As I started to plan my side-yard garden this season, the lyrics from the Dixie Chicks song Cowboy Take Me Away came to my mind: “I said I wanna touch the earth / I...
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Best Television-Inspired Movies: The Film Guide

Apr 22 2013
Best Television-Inspired Movies: Television shows often end too early or not early enough. Movies based on television shows can be retreads of old materials or new spins on old classic themes. When thinking about movies based on television shows, there are many more groan-inducing experiences and a...

Up, Up, and Away! Superhero Movies Galore

Apr 18 2013
Love them or hate them, superheroes have become a huge part of our movie culture. Blockbusters like Marvel's The Avengers and The Dark Knight series have...

Anythink & the Opera

Apr 12 2013
In the fall, after being encouraged by Anythink to spend a day creatively outside of my comfort zone, I attended the Met Opera's Live in HD performance of...
Elizabeth Bennet, as portrayed by Keira Knightley

Good Literary Friends, Old and New

Apr 3 2013
On any given day I find myself falling into the make-believe world of my favorite stories. Losing myself in the wonder of what my literary friends are doing. Is Elizabeth Bennet reading or out for a walk? Is Daenerys Targaryen on the way to Kings Landing with her dragons? And what awaits her when...

And The Award Goes To...

Mar 29 2013
And the award goes to...Argo? Though it was the number one choice by the majority of the 6,000 Academy members, I was disappointed. I was sure that...
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BRAINS! (or I love Zombies): The Film Guide

Mar 28 2013
I love zombie movies. There is nothing more ridiculous and entertaining than a horde of the living undead surging towards a group of survivors. Zombie movies come in all different types and here are a few of my favorite zombie films....

Still Immortal: Henrietta Lacks

Mar 27 2013
The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot is one of the most popular books of the last few years. Part biography, part scientific tale, this mulitple-award-winning non-fiction book (soon to be...
Better of Dead Movie Poster

Dark and Dreary Comedies: The Film Guide

Mar 21 2013
Comedies do not always have to be shiny and light to be enjoyable. Some of my favorite comedies are dark and dreary. These movies all have oddball characters and situations that are hilarious and depressing. The absurdity of these movies takes a backseat to the truths found within their subjects....
Awesome little free library box on the back of one of Austin's pedicabs

Playground for the Senses - SXSWi

Mar 19 2013
In the airport heading back from Austin, there are remnants of the week's conference scattered throughout the gate. Gadgets out everywhere, users looking a little haggard from the week's festivities, vendor T-shirts collected from the thousands represented in the exhibit hall, and conversations...

One great experience

Mar 13 2013
I just finished a great children's chapter book recently about a young girl who was quite the crackerjack rascal of her community. She was quick to think, quick to act and quick to get the job (any job) done. I liked her straight away. Her name was Moses (Mo for short) and she told her story in the...
Seven Psychopaths

Reminiscing on 2012: The Surprising Film Guide

Mar 11 2013
As I look back at 2012, there are many films that were enjoyable, but only a few stood above the rest. Interesting performances and genre-bending styles made these movies capture my attention. While you gear up for new releases in 2013, consider checking out one of the following films, even if it...

Stay Awake: Stories for Horror Fans

Mar 7 2013
When I was a little girl, I was afraid of everything. And I mean everything. It took years for me to sleep without a TV on, and even longer to see scary movies with my friends. Then something changed. The older I've gotten, the more fascinated I've become with concepts in the macabre. With the...

Life After Downton Abbey

Mar 5 2013
The end of season three of Masterpiece Theater's Downton Abbey has left a hole in my life. I miss all the drama between and within the classes and the reminders every week that life is made up of love and heartbreak, birth and death -- predicaments that can usually be explained by a witty one-liner...