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The difficult part about writing a review of Paul Joseph Fronczak's The Foundling is deciding what can be said that won't give away what happens in this unbelievable story. More than once my mouth was agape as I was floored by the impossibilities that kept creeping up in this book.    

In Alligator Candy, David Kushner revisits his brother Jon's disappearance in October of 1973. His memory of the events are those of a 4-year-old struggling to make sense of what was going on around him. The way he recalls the event and the days and months after differ from what his family remembers. In this striking memoir, Kushner realizes he must revisit the events of the past through a different lens – that of a reporter – to find out what really happened on that fat

I have quite a soft spot for the elderly. Possibly it's because I had the pleasure of growing up with regular contact with both sets of my grandparents (who were amazing people). I also think it's because I was taught to see the value in those in the older generation. They have lived through circumstances that I may never understand, but I can truly appreciate what their experiences can bring to my life and to this world. I still have one grandparent alive. She is one of the sweetest people you'll ever meet and full of so many talents – she's an artist who at 93 still paints regularly. She