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As we all know, it’s summer, and ever since the public school system as we know it was instituted some 150 years ago, one of the pillars of childhood has been to escape from the classroom as quickly as possible when the school year ends. With summer vacation comes travels away from home, either as a family group on road trip, to visit relatives, or independently as we head off to summer camps. This year may be the first time your kids are flying solo, which is sure to be a huge, exciting new adventure for them.

I often find myself asking, “How can I read more books?” Since starting work in libraries, my reading list has become a behemoth, overgrown with amazing content. The reality is that there will never be enough time for any of us to sit down and leisurely take in all of this fantastic material, especially if we continually wait for that perfect reading moment – that lazy weekend afternoon with nothing to do. A cup of coffee, a sun-drenched couch and hours of uninterrupted reading time. Sounds nice, right? But when does that ever happen? 

Apr 16 2015

Need something to inspire you during a long drive or a morning jog? Why not pick up an audiobook? This session wil help you practice downloading audiobooks from Anythink for free. Bring your laptop, tablet, or smartphone and your Anythink card. For best results, make sure you have all the passwords and cords necessary to use your device. No registration is required.

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Adult, Children, Family, Teen, Tween

I don’t know about you, but as a book lover I always feel pressure to read everything. I know everything seems like an exaggeration, but I assure you, it’s not. In our information overloaded world, I come across books on an hourly basis. Whether I’m surfing the web, checking out my favorite blogs, spending time on social media sites like Pinterest, or talking to the person in line behind me, book suggestions are everywhere. Not only that, but everyone makes it sound like their book is the single best book I will read in my life.

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