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January 27, 2021 - 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm

What do the Anythink stuffed animals do after dark? Do they read? Do they play? Do they get into mischief? Let’s find out. Grab your own stuffed animal and join us on this imagination adventure. This virtual program will take place using GoTo Meeting. Be sure to include your email address when registering so we can email you the link and some prompts for your own stuffed animal adventures. Appropriate for pre-K through elementary school-age kids. Registration is required. 

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The life and legend of Aaron Swartz

The access to information, the ability to look anything up, has become a necessity since the dawn of the internet. With the explosion of smartphones worldwide, the cost of entry to this vast knowledge base has been significantly lowered. Everyone in the world can link into this seemingly infinite network of articles and news to answer any personal query. There is one major issue with this model: What sources can you trust? What is reliable? Luckily there is a haven, a safe place staffed with book wizards, information explorers, or better known as librarians.

When people have questions they often turn to Google to find answers. While this can be an effective strategy for many questions answered with basic information, you may not find the best information if you end your search there. In our quest to connect our customers with the best, most valuable information they need, Anythink has carefully chosen a collection of databases filled with information you can't find elsewhere on the web, even with Google.

Indianapolis Public Library (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

What makes the library a welcoming place in the community? What does your ideal library look like? Along with Anythink's commitment to delivering superior customer service, our physical buildings are designed to invite and encourage discovery and conversation. Over the years, the physical library space has changed dramatically to accommodate new and ever-changing community, informational and technological needs. Library designers incorporate these needs into the building design through a balance of aesthetics and functionality.

A doctor consults with a family.

Need Health Insurance?

In March, 2010, health care in America had its first major reform in decades when President Obama signed the Affordable Health Care Act into law. Changes have been and will continue to be rolling out in waves with the final adjustments taking effect in 2014. So what does this mean? Here's a run down of some of the changes: