Your backstage pass to a hidden online world

When people have questions they often turn to Google to find answers. While this can be an effective strategy for many questions answered with basic information, you may not find the best information if you end your search there. In our quest to connect our customers with the best, most valuable information they need, Anythink has carefully chosen a collection of databases filled with information you can't find elsewhere on the web, even with Google.

What is a database, you ask? Databases are online repositories of quality published information. They may contain digital versions of academic journal articles (written by experts/scholars), newpaper articles, full-text ebooks, videos, images and more. Databases cover all types of subject areas including genealogy (Ancestry), car repair (Chilton's), and academic disciplines suitable for college-level research (Academic Search Premier). 

What makes library databases irreplaceable is their credibility. Think about it: anyone with access to a computer and the Internet can post "information" online. Similarly, anyone can claim to be an "expert." How do you know what you find on the Internet is reliable? While there are plenty of extremely valuable and reliable websites, there are just as many websites of questionable credibilty that may provide you with inaccurate information. After all, there is no formal review process for posting to the open web. Knowing how to evaluate information sources is imperative, and library employees know how to do just that! However, if you would like to avoid the hassle of making sure the information you find is accurate and trustworthy, you can turn to a library database.

The difference between information available through library databases and information floating around online is that the information found in library databases has been fact-checked and comes from reputable sources such as expert scholars. Most of the information in library databases has been "peer reviewed" – meaning that multiple experts in the field the article covers have reviewed the information and deemed it accurate and trustworthy.

Anythink acquires access to these databases to provide free of charge to customers! Library databases are your key to accessing an elite world of quality information. Think of them as your backstage pass to the hidden world of knowledge!

Ready to try them out? You can find Anythink's collection of databases by clicking on "articles, research, and more" from Anythink's homepage. You'll be taken to an alphabetized list of our databases. Most of our databases are accessible from home 24/7 with your library card. Here's a short introduction to a few of the awesome databases we have to offer:

Academic Search Premier - Great for college students. Search for scholarly articles from over 8,450 journals, including the social sciences, humanities, education, engineering, applied science and ethnic studies fields. Full text is available for more than 4,600 journals not available on the open web.

Chilton Library - No longer do you have to deal with huge tomes of car repair information! Find step-by-step auto repair instructions, maintenance schedules, recalls, diagrams and more. Search by specific year, make and model.

Consumer Reports - Subscription-only access to ratings and reviews, recommendations and buying advice for thousands of products across several industries. Free through Anythink!

Learning Express LibraryTake comprehensive, interactive online practice exams for academic, civil service, military and professional licensing and certification exams. 

MAS Ultra School EditionHigh school students can find articles, photos, maps, flags, biographies and more for their school projects.

Newspaper SourceSearch full-text articles from 25 national and 260 regional U.S. newspapers, including the Denver Post, Greeley Tribune and Pueblo Chieftain, and transcripts from TV and radio news.

Points of View Reference Center - Great for debate club or writing argumentative essays. Students can peruse a series of compelling essays to see multiple sides of a current issue. The database provides almost 300 topics, each with an overview, point/counterpoint and Critical Thinking Guide.

Searchasaurus - A safe place for homework help. Elementary kids can find articles on every subject for their school projects.

Reference USA - So powerful! Research businesses and individuals. Find out how many businesses of a certain type are in a certain geographical area. Learn the demographics of residents in your neighborhood and beyond. Great for market research and targeted advertising.

Tumblebooks - Great for early readers! Online, animated talking books for kids in English, French and Spanish. Includes puzzles, games and audio books for independent learning.

Check out the entire collection of Anythink databases here. Need help using a database? Call or visit your local Anythink and ask anyone wearing an orange lanyard. We're here to help!