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Photo of someone reading an ebook on an Kindle

Why do we have to wait so long for ebooks?

At Anythink, our mission is to “open doors for curious minds.” Getting people what they want, when they want it is an important part of making Anythink a destination for our community. Since we launched ebooks and downloadable audiobooks at Anythink 10 years ago, they have become two of our most popular offerings. Our online collection is our second-largest “branch,” with customers downloading and streaming almost 50,000 digital titles every month.

I often find myself asking, “How can I read more books?” Since starting work in libraries, my reading list has become a behemoth, overgrown with amazing content. The reality is that there will never be enough time for any of us to sit down and leisurely take in all of this fantastic material, especially if we continually wait for that perfect reading moment – that lazy weekend afternoon with nothing to do. A cup of coffee, a sun-drenched couch and hours of uninterrupted reading time. Sounds nice, right? But when does that ever happen? 

When people have questions they often turn to Google to find answers. While this can be an effective strategy for many questions answered with basic information, you may not find the best information if you end your search there. In our quest to connect our customers with the best, most valuable information they need, Anythink has carefully chosen a collection of databases filled with information you can't find elsewhere on the web, even with Google.

John Chrastka, pictured above, founded EveryLibrary to help support library ballot measures.

In late August of this year, citizens of Santa Clara County in California had to make a decision about funding their libraries: pass a measure during a special election and secure funding for their public libraries or see their libraries face cuts to programs, materials and possibly even staff. The proposed Measure A would extend a $33.66 per year parcel tax for single-family homes in Santa Clara County for 20 years. Citizens rallied and on Aug. 28, 2013, the results trickled in. Measure A passed with 82 percent of the vote.

(photo by Maximilian Schönherr)

At Anythink, our mission is to “open doors for curious minds,” and we have taken great strides to create amazing experiences for our customers. Getting people what they want, when they want it is an important part of making Anythink a destination for our community. And what do people want? Ebooks! In 2012, we had a 76 percent increase in ebook and audiobook checkouts over the previous year.

Children who are surrounded by books learn to incorporate reading into their daily habits.

As a parent who raised two avid readers and also had a number of child literacy experiences here at Anythink, I would like to share my ideas to get kids to love reading. I am lucky enough to talk to caregivers of all ages every day, and I have seen many behaviors that help our children get excited about books. I am leaving Anythink for a new adventure and wanted to pass along the wisdom that I have gained in my time here. Thanks to all the customers, young and old, who have made this a wonderful community.