Wings Over the Rockies Presents Amelia Earhart Workshop at Anythink Huron Street

Wings over the Rockies at Anythink Huron Street

Instructors from Wings Over the Rockies Museum are presenting an in-depth workshop on Amelia Earhart, Tuesday, July 6, as part of Anythink Huron Street’s mySummer program. Participants will learn about Earhart’s history, achievements and flights and then get a chance to map out the last leg of her flight over the Pacific using plotters and plotting charts. Once the flight is mapped, participants will get an opportunity to use flight simulators to fly the last portion of her flight to Howland Island, which she never reached.

Anythink Brighton is also hosting this Amelia Earhart program with Wings Over the Rockies on Tuesday, July 27, 6 pm, at Anythink Brighton, 327 E. Bridge St., Brighton, CO 80601. Visit our online calendar for registration and details.

Event Details
Amelia Earhart Workshop
Tuesday, July 6, 10 am
Anythink Huron Street
9417 Huron Street
Thornton, CO 80260

Space is limited; registration required. To register, visit our online calendar. For more information about Wings Over the Rockies, visit