The best new-school kids' music

Traditional nursery rhymes are a fun way to connect the generations, but when you're tired of those, what can you listen to with your kids? There's actually a lot of kids' music coming out that's got a fun, modern sound that appeals to all ages but features kid-appropriate content. Here are some of the best new-school kids' albums available for check out from your local Anythink:

Gustafer Yellowgold
Since his creation by Morgan Taylor in 2005, Gustafer Yellowgold has become an international phenomenon, acclaimed by The New York Times as “A cross between ‘Yellow Submarine’ and Dr. Seuss.” Gustafer is a cute, yellow, animated character who helps Morgan sing catchy folk-rock songs about everything under the sun.

  • Gustafer Yellowgold's Infinity Sock (DVD) - Unfolding in graphic novel fashion and weaving together ten thought provoking, melodic soft-rock music videos in the inimitable Gustafer Yellowgold style, Gustafer begins an ordinary day and soon embarks upon an hilarious, mind-bending musical journey in search of the toe-end of the longest sock in the universe.
  • Gustafer Yellowgold's Wide, Wild World (DVD) - Gustafer Yellowgold goes on a musical journey into his life and that of his friends Pterodactyl and Green Bee. Along the way, meet his pet eel and the dragon that lives in his fireplace.
  • Gustafer Yellowgold's A Year in the Day (DVD) - Gustafer Yellowgold celebrates various holidays the Gustafer way – with music and lively animation!

Anythink is excited to announce that Gus & Morgan will bring their multimedia, all ages performance to Anythink York Street and Anythink Brighton this July. Join us for these free, all ages concerts by this award-winning children's musician and artist. 

Gustafer Yellowgold's Show

  • Anythink York Street (Rosa Auditorium, adjacent to the library) – Saturday, July 11, 2015 - 10:30am
  • Anythink Brighton (Armory Performing Arts Center, adjacent to the library) – Monday, July 13, 2015 - 10:30am

Lisa Loeb

You might remember Lisa Loeb from her 1994 hit, "Stay (I Missed You)." Since then, Loeb has created the Camp Lisa Foundation with the mission to send kids in need to summer camp. "Summer camp was a huge part of my childhood, something I looked forward to, and a relief from the very demanding 11 years of all-girls school," writes Loeb on her website for Camp Lisa. To raise money for her foundation, Lisa has created kids' albums brimming with smooth, modern, upbeat rhythms in the style that made her famous.

  • Camp Lisa (CD) - Lisa Loeb invites listeners into a musical, magical camp experience with a collection of fireside favorites as well as some new sing-along songs – perfect for summer!

They Might Be Giants

This band's not new – they've been around since 1982 – but they did help bring a modern sound to kids' music. Quirky and fun, this band from Brooklyn, New York, can be enjoyed by all ages. TMBG, as fans refer to them, have released four studio albums for kids. Here Come the ABC’s won Parenting Magazine’s Children’s DVD of the Year Award and two National Parenting Publications Awards.

  • Here Comes Science (CD) - Here Comes Science is a set of songs about science. The video for “Meet the Elements” was featured on, while the legendary rock version of “Why Does the Sun Shine? (The Sun is a Mass of Incandescent Gas)” finally gets a fully realized studio reading, and even it’s own answer song.
  • Here Come the 123s (CD & DVD) - This Grammy winning CD/DVD set takes an imaginative look at numbers, with original songs, brilliant animations, and delightful puppets.
  • Here Come the ABCs (CD) - The band has partnered with Disney in this set. Included are all the contagious songs heard on Radio Disney and the music videoes seen on Playhouse Disney. The set is sure to make the alphabet fun and entertaining for children and parents alike.