Anythinkers connect in whole new way

Anythink Huron Street tech guide Shannon Smith during last year's training day

Each year on Columbus Day, Anythink is closed to the public for an all-staff training day, typically focused on one of our core values: 

  • Compassion for our customers and for each other
  • Passion for our product

    Eagerness to learn

    Optimistic attitude – we believe anything is possible

During last year’s training day, we focused on “passion for our product.” The day was an incredibly organized mix of keynotes featuring innovative Douglas County Public Libraries Director Jamie LaRue and literary critic/librarian extraordinaire Nancy Pearl, interactive sessions and book talks. There was even an Anythink version of speed dating, where staff shared their favorite books, music, movies, websites and other resources with colleagues whom they may or may not know from throughout the district.

The biggest takeaway from the experience was the breadth of knowledge and interests we have among our staff here at Anythink. It was truly incredible. Anythinkers from all levels of the organization volunteered to talk about what they’re most interested about. Bill Zorack, concierge from Anythink Wright Farms, talked about his favorite gardening books. JB Hall, concierge from Anythink Huron Street, talked about must-have albums (rock on, JB!). Anet Martinez, manager at Anythink Perl Mack, wowed everyone with horror movie recommendations. 

Being able to talk to each other about our interests and passions helped us to connect in a way we hadn’t before. 

Since then, and even prior, we’ve been anxious to launch this new blog.

What truly makes Anythink unique is the passion, warmth and personality of our staff. That will now be reflected here in a whole new way as Anythinkers share their ideas, passions, experiences and recommendations. We encourage you to comment, ask questions, and connect with our team online the same way you do in our branches.

And the conversation begins!

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