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For the Love of "Saga" Graphic Novels

Aug 23 2021
I was brand new to the world of graphic novels when our wonderful adult guide Maria dressed up as a character from “Saga” for Halloween. In...
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All Pooped Out - The Lasting Appeal of Potty Books

Aug 18 2021
Wanna hear a poop joke? Nah, they always stink.  I have a 7-year-old son, and I would say that at least 30% of our conversations these days begin with him laughing about poop. This has surprised me; I grew up in a family of four girls, and talking about bathroom habits was not something we did on...
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The Summer Songs Playlist

Aug 18 2021
As adults, upon entering the working world, the joy of summer wanes somewhat. Suddenly, without solid months of vacation, summer flows with other seasons, only with longer days and hotter steering wheels. But there is still much to enjoy, including swimming pools, barbecues, water fights and...

Zen and the Art of Val Kilmer

Aug 13 2021
It's been a Val Kilmer kind of week for me, which has me in an early-90s state of mind. That was the time when my mom and I discovered our shared interest in Mr. Kilmer, after viewing "...
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Summer Cocktails and Book Pairings for Every Taste

Aug 4 2021
There is something about long summer nights – taking their time to stretch across the sky – that makes me want to lie back, open a good book and enjoy a well-concocted drink. We can all enjoy a refreshing cocktail (or mocktail) during this time of the year.   Like wine and cheese, cocktails and...

Your Summer Soundtrack

Jul 23 2021
This summer is looking like it’s going to be a real summer after all, so we plan to make the most of it! Here at Anythink, we are gearing up with our spirit nest workshops and community build days with artist Jayson Fann and summer...
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Discovering "Avatar" as a New Fan – and the Elements

Jun 30 2021
For the past ten years, I saw "Avatar" ("Avatar: The Last Airbender," not the James Cameron movie) floating around various pop culture outlets and heavily represented at Comic-Cons. I associated it as a...
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A friend of "Friends" 'til the end

Jun 18 2021
I was 16 when I tuned into the pilot episode of "Friends...

Nesting after COVID

May 21 2021
I was looking around my bedroom the other day and thinking “We should repaint this.” Our bedroom is currently a lovely light lavender-grey, a color picked not even two years ago. There isn’t anything wrong with it. In fact, it’s barely been up long enough for me to dislike it or grow sick of it....

The COVID-19 community memorial at Anythink Wright Farms

May 21 2021
I remember a heavy conversation I had recently with a coworker about COVID-19. We talked about how in our everyday life, and in conversations with people, we were struggling to really voice the magnitude of loss. I mean, how do you grieve half a million people? How do you understand the amount of...

The Third Annual Retroactive Academy Awards

May 19 2021
How will we look back on the 2021 Academy Awards in 5, 10 or 20 years? Will Chloe Zhao or Daniel Kaluuya have another couple of (well-deserved) trophies in the bag? Will we still (rightly) cherish Youn Yuh-jung’s performance in...

Film in the time of quarantine

Apr 2 2021
It's been over a year since I've stepped inside a movie theater. Coming from this cinephile, that is a telling statement about this surreal time we're all experiencing. While I'm grateful to also be living at a time when shutdown and quarantine have not had to mean missing out on new flicks, I ache...

Power in petticoats

Mar 17 2021
With March being National Women’s History month, I started thinking about how far women’s history has come and especially about all the women who have been making history just in the past few years alone. In the 2020 election, there were a record number of women running for office. Kamala Harris...

The culture diary

Mar 12 2021
I’m not typically one for New Year’s resolutions. Like a lot of people, I go full Ron Popeil Rotisserie with them: set it and forget it. I usually prefer to forgo the annual self-inflicted guilt-fest that resolutions tend to...

The most anticipated political books of 2021

Jan 22 2021
The past year has been tumultuous year politically, and at the dawn of a turning over in Washington, political books are set to again be all the rage in 2021 – just as they made up the best seller's lists in 2020. Here are some of the most anticipated upcoming books from citizens and authors that...

Take on a reading challenge

Jan 19 2021
I have never successfully completed a reading challenge. For years, I have fine-tooth combed the many challenges offered by various blogs and celebrities. I choose one that sparks my interest and set out in a grand attempt to fulfill the listed requirements. My gusto rarely lasts past March and I...
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The (terrible, horrible, no good, very bad) year in (great) music

Dec 23 2020
I don’t know if you’ve heard or not, but this was a tough year – a recap of it is unnecessary. We all know the myriad ways in which 2020 was difficult and challenging. What is always necessary, however, is a recap of the year in music – even if the year felt like a decade.  Despite the...
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A very merry, diversionary Christmas

Dec 21 2020
I am a Halloween person. I'm talking an all-year-round, 24/7 Halloween person. Just the thought of October 31 still makes my stomach churn with excitement, the way Christmas morning kind of ceased to long ago.  This year, however, I must cop to a certain bowl-full-of-jelly type feeling creeping up...
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Curbside services in 5 easy steps

Dec 21 2020
While Anythink libraries are closed to the public due to COVID-19, you can still get all of the great books, movies and more with our curbside services. Here's how you get started. How to Use Curbside Services in 5 Easy Steps 1.  Log in to your library account at...

Feeling anxious? Discover health resources at Anythink

Nov 19 2020
It’s not a stretch to say that Americans are suffering from unprecedented amounts of anxiety in 2020. COVID, job insecurity, loss of work, politics, a discussion about systematic racism, political upheaval ... all of these things have been thrown at us this year in an unending hailstorm of change...