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a blank name tag with markers on a table

“Hi, this is Anythink Wright Farms. My name is Zesha. How can I help you?” 

“Hi...what’s your name?”

“Zesha. With a Z.” 

“Oh... Okay. Anyways, I need help with...” 

That is a real conversation that I’ve had while at work. It’s just one example of the many variations of conversations that I’ve had about my name. I’m very used to it and I brace myself every time I meet someone new. 

Blue colors the pages of four new picture books in compelling and beautiful ways. In these stories and illustrations, blue is the color of sky and moon, day and night. Notably, it is not really a color associated with sadness here, but rather, one used to express something joyful. Borrowing blue from these pages, readers can explore anew this vivid and varied color.

Picture books can be a wonderful way to introduce young readers to the world of art. Reading helps children to discover the work of well-known artists, and it also allows them to explore different types of art. In addition, sharing books about artists – and reading about being an artist – can encourage artistic children to develop their own creative identities. For some enjoyable examples, consider the following picture books:

I recently wrote a blog titled Lucky Me, in which I reminisced about how lucky I felt because of all the time I had spent reading and rereading some great picture books to my children when they were young.  Well, this trip down memory lane got me thinking. Not only did my children love those books, but I did too - and still do! No matter how unusual it may seem, I checked out some new picture books just for me.

You must do something to make the world more beautiful. ~ Miss Rumphius

I recently came across a Family Circle comic in which the little boy is holding up a book to his dad and asks: "How would you like to be the lucky person who gets to read to me?" Immediately I thought of all the times I enjoyed reading a good book to my kids and I thought, Yes, I am the lucky one! I have so many precious memories of being curled up on the couch or in bed reading picture books to my kids. And with those memories I recall the books that, without fail, we read over and over and over again. 
Here are a few of those titles we never got tired of:

Pull the tabs!

My favorite kind of picture book is one that encourages interaction. The experience of hearing a story really comes to life when kids can add to it and help make it their own. More and more picture books come with some kind of interactive element these days, but I'll focus on a few of my favorites.