The Studio at Anythink Wright Farms

The peg board at the Wright Farms Studio with tools

The Studio at Anythink Wright Farms

Listed below are some of the main tools available at The Studio at Anythink Wright Farms. In addition to these physical items, The Studio is fully staffed with experts that can help guide you through your creative and production process.

  • 3D Printers ($1 per print hour)
  • Laser cutters and engravers
  • Cricut Design Tools - With a host of tools ranging from cutting machines to crafting essentials, Cricut products make it easy to create.
  • Large Format Printer - Maximum print size of 44"x9' ($5 per linear foot)
  • Vinyl Printer/Plotter - Print and cut designs directly onto a variety of different weather-resistant vinyl materials. Some examples include vinyl bumper stickers, vinyl heat transfer materials and vinyl window clings.
  • Digital Design tools - iPad Pro + Apple Pencil and various design apps, laptops and iMacs with full access to the Adobe Creative Cloud and other creative applications such as ZBrush, Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro
  • Coming soon - Digital HeatFX white toner film transfer printer

January-July 2023: We are excited to announce that The Studio at Wright Farms, for a limited time, will be introducing a variety of new creative technologies. These resources will focus on coding, AI, robotics and automation. Some examples of the tools that we will be piloting include the DJI Robomaster EP Core, EMO desktop AI robot, Raspberry Pis, Community Arcade, Sony Aiibo AI dog and Arduinos. We believe that these resources will provide our users with exciting new opportunities to explore and create. We hope to see you at The Studio to try out these exciting new tools!

During library programs, consumable materials are provided free of charge unless otherwise specified. The Studio provides a small supply of materials to allow customers to experiment. For personal projects, we ask that you bring in your own materials. The Studio team is available to help you determine your needs and make recommendations on supplies to acquire.

Not all tools, resources and materials will be available at all times. Contact to inquire about the availability of resources.

Materials that are brought in for use with Studio equipment need to be approved by a staff member prior to using on our equipment. Some materials may damage or create harmful byproducts.

Apply to be an Artist in Residence (AIR)

    Did you know that The Studio hosts artists in residence? We're looking for people with experience in coding, AI, automation and robotics. This is a great opportunity to earn money and give back to your local community. Click here to learn more and apply to be an AIR today!