Farmer’s markets return to Anythink with additional services

To help increase access to healthy food, the Healthy Farmer’s Market will return to Anythink this summer. Hosted in conjunction with the City of Thornton Community Connections, Tri-County Health Department, the American Heart Association and Lulu’s Farm, these weekly outdoor markets provide opportunities for all community members to purchase fresh produce from local farmers and cottage food vendors. The markets will open on Tuesday, July 28 at Anythink Huron Street and on Thursday, July 30 at Anythink Wright Farms, and will continue through the fall.

For the third year in a row, the Healthy Farmer’s Markets will provide assistance services like SNAP and WIC coupons, as well as RTD vouchers. Thanks to COVID-19 relief funds from the City of Thornton and a Promising Practice Award presented to Tri-County Health Department from the National Association of County and City Health Officials, additional funds will be now be provided to farmer’s market attendees who qualify for SNAP or WIC services, as well as aging adults. These coupons are available at all markets while supplies last, and can be used to purchase fruits, vegetables and other available food items. For more information on these benefits, please call the City of Thornton Community Connections at 720-977-5800.

“The Healthy Farmer’s Market partnership has been a great way to increase access to affordable and healthy foods to community members and our WIC clients,” says Jill Bonczynski, nutrition director at Tri-County Health Department. “Not only are they getting fresh, local and nutritious produce, but connections to community resources that can also benefit their families.”

To help provide a safe environment for attendees and vendors alike, new safety updates have been put in place. Based on guidelines provided by the Colorado Farmer’s Market Association, extra precautions will be in place for this year’s farmer’s markets. This includes directional signage, social distancing, and limited handling of produce and materials.  

“Because of the hard work and collaboration of our community partners, we’re able to continue the Healthy Farmer’s Markets at Anythink in 2020,” says Anythink Director of Customer Experience Suzanne McGowan. “Everyone in our community deserves access to affordable, healthy food. With updated processes to help make the experience safe for everyone, the Healthy Farmer’s Markets will help increase access to high-quality food during this critical time.”

“Healthy eating starts with access to readily available, nutritious food. The American Heart Association is committed to providing tangible solutions that help ensure Colorado residents have access to wholesome, affordable foots in a comfortable setting,” says Maddie Philley, community impact director at the American Heart Association. “We know that access to healthy food plays a critical role in overall heart health. By supporting the Healthy Farmer’s Markets, the AHA aims to provide residents with critical nutrition information and affordable, locally grown fruits and vegetables in their community to help build lasting healthy habits.”

“These seasonal markets have been a place for education, fresh food, and community-building,” says City of Thornton Community Connections Manager Jaylin Stotler. “At a time when unemployment is soaring and food budgets are suffering, we knew we needed to keep these markets going. Our team and partners have crafted a shopping experience following suggested safety precautions so that we can continue to bring high-quality and affordable produce to our community at a time when it is most needed.”


Healthy Farmer’s Market Locations and Hours

Anythink Huron Street
9417 Huron St., Thornton, CO 80260
Tuesdays, July 28-Sept. 29, 2020
9 am-1 pm

Anythink Wright Farms
5877 E. 120th Ave., Thornton, CO 80602
Thursdays, July 30-Oct. 1, 2020
9 am-1 pm