Anythink’s mySummer initiative showcases whimsical public art

Two children play in the spirit nest at Anythink Wright Farms

As part of Anythink’s ongoing mySummer initiative, media and the public are invited to participate in interactive public art workshops and experiences. This year, Anythink has commissioned a series of interactive public art pieces by renowned artist and educator Jayson Fann. Designed as “spirit nests,” these large-scale sculptures – some of which are up to 16 feet tall – are made of natural found materials including tree branches and trunks. The sculptures aim to evoke a sense of wonder, curiosity and environmental stewardship. In the coming weeks, Fann will be foraging local materials for use in the sculptures and building the nests with help from community members. As an artist in residence, Fann will host a series of all-ages workshops at all Anythink locations, followed by a celebratory event on Saturday, July 24 at Anythink Wright Farms. This is the first installation series of its kind at Anythink and throughout Adams County. Two pieces are currently on display at Anythink Wright Farms and Anythink Perl Mack.

Learn more about the spirit nest project at Anythink.

Media are invited to Fann’s public workshops and community building sessions listed below. Interviews with Fann will be made available, and opportunities to join material foraging expeditions are available upon request. Fann will be gathering sticks, rocks and other natural materials at multiple locations in Adams County, including Barr Lake State Park. This is an ideal opportunity to document the artistic process and environmental art.

Watch the installation of a spirit nest at Anythink Wright Farms on May 5, 2021.

“By taking a hands-on role in the creation of these grandiose sculptures, we hope that kids and families feel inspired and connected to the nests and the natural world,” says Anythink Director of Customer Experience Suzanne McGowan. “We know that the artistic process can be healing, and there’s no better time for our community to come together to create.”  

On Saturday, July 24, Anythink will celebrate mySummer and the spirit nests with a special event at Anythink Wright Farms featuring local performers. More details on the July 24 event to follow in the coming weeks.

Spirit Nest Workshops with Jayson Fann

Meet artist and educator Jayson Fann for an interactive art workshop exploring the intersection of art and nature. Learn more about Fann’s artistic process as you gain a deeper understanding of what it means to use natural materials to create art. This workshop is appropriate for all ages, and families are encouraged to participate. Free and open to all. All workshops will be held from 10:30 am-12:30 pm. No registration required.

Monday, June 28 – Anythink Wright Farms (5877 E. 120th Ave., Thornton, CO 80602)
Thursday, July 1 – Anythink Bennett (495 7th St., Bennett, CO 80102)
Thursday, July 8 – Anythink Brighton (327 E. Bridge St., Brighton, CO 80601)
Saturday, July 10 – Anythink Commerce City (7185 Monaco St., Commerce City, CO 80022)
Monday, July 12 – Anythink Huron Street (9417 Huron St., Thornton, CO 80260)
Wednesday, July 14 – Anythink Perl Mack (7611 Hilltop Cir., Denver, CO 80221)
Thursday, July 15 – Anythink York Street (8990 York St., Suite A, Thornton, CO 80229)

Spirit Nest Community Building Sessions

Learn more about the creative process by helping artist Jayson Fann build one f his world-renowned spirt nests. During this session, participants will work with Fann on this community-centered, large-scale installation – one of six to be installed across Adams County. Work together with other community members while using a variety of tools – from drills to paint and more. Registration required; please visit to register. A waiver will be emailed to all registrants in advance.

Wednesday, July 7; 10 am – Anythink Bennett
Friday, July 9; 10 am, 11 am & 4 pm – Anythink Bennett
Friday, July 16; 9 am & 10 am – Anythink Brighton
Saturday, July 17; 9 am & 10 am – Anythink Brighton
Monday, July 19; 9 am, 9:30 am & 10 am – Anythink Brighton