Anythink Leadership to Present at PLA Conference

oregon convention center

At this year’s Public Library Association conference in Portland, Ore., March 23-27, 2010, members of Rangeview Library District’s administrative team are presenting two unique programs.

You Say You Want a Revolution

For the first time on a national stage, the team at Anythink shares their story about how they’ve revolutionized library service in Adams County, Colo. By designing customer-centric libraries and disrupting typical library conventions, Anythink offers a new model for what a library of the future can be. In the last year, the district has broken down barriers for customers by eliminating overdue fines, switching to WordThink from a numbers-based organization system, launching a new brand, shifting their approach to customer service – and having a lot of fun doing it. All this and more will be discussed on Thursday, March 25, 8:30 am.

Cracking the Code: Beyond Dewey

On Saturday, March 27, 10:15 am, Anythink’s family services director Lynda Freas and collection development manager Rachel Fewell are joined by consultant Marshall Shore and retired bookseller and librarian Molly Moyer to discuss words versus numbers. This energized panel will review the benefits of switching to a words-based organization system from Dewey Decimal Classification, including ease of use for customers, browsing, and breaking down barriers between customers and librarians.

Anythink Tank

In our complex, ever-changing world, libraries are finding it more important than ever to innovate and evolve. The Anythink Tank is a place where library professionals can discuss challenges and innovations alike. A discussion board and resources area offer a place for people to show off innovations at their own libraries or discuss library conventions they want to disrupt to remain relevant in their communities. Visit the Anythink Tank to join the discussion. To submit a photo or video for consideration in the Anythink Tank gallery, please send to