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What traditional conventions do you see at your library and how would you like to disrupt them?

From "shhh" to Dewey Decimal to puppet shows, there are many stereotypes or "conventions" that seemingly define libraries in our industry and in the public's eye. What are some of the conventions you would like to disrupt so libraries remain relevant and vital to your community? How would you disrupt them?

What are your evolutionary and revolutionary ideas?

An evolutionary idea is something that could start out small but possibly grow into a revolution. What are your evolutionary and revolutionary ideas? For example, at Anythink, going fine free was an idea brought up by one of our children's guides as a great feature for summer programming - give kids a "fresh start" if they participate in SRP. From that came the revolutionary idea of going fine-free, not just for kids one summer, but as a district, for everyone.

How do you incorporate play at work?

Fun at work is essential for a healthy work environment. How do you incorporate play in your work day? (We personally like kazoos and after-hours bowling.)

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