Anythink announces The Universe Awaits

Graphic with text The Universe Awaits on a dark blue background and shapes of the moon, stars and planets

The Universe Awaits, a learning program for all ages that focuses on space and the stars, kicks off this fall and runs from Sept. 30-Oct. 21, 2023. The program will feature exciting partnerships, experiences and community events for the public to witness the solar eclipse on Saturday, Oct. 14.  

In partnership with Wings Over the Rockies, the Fiske Planetarium and Sid Whiting, an educator and member of the Sicangu Lakota, Anythink will offer free public programs at all locations for anyone who is curious about the cosmos and our place in the universe. The goal of The Universe Awaits is to help foster a deeper understanding of the universe through fun, educational programming for children, teens and adults.

One of the highlights of the program is the solar eclipse on Oct. 14. All Anythink locations will host a watch party with snacks and activities, and provide a free pair of glasses to participants so they can safely view the eclipse.

“In August 2017, Anythink joined libraries across the nation to provide glasses and spaces for people to view the total solar eclipse in Adams County. Not only did we distribute thousands of special viewing glasses, but we brought community together to witness and experience an awe-inspiring moment,” says Anythink Director of Customer Experience Suzanne McGowan. “On Saturday, Oct. 14, Adams County will be in the path of the annular or ‘ring of fire’ solar eclipse. We invite community members to join us again in viewing another moment in history.”

The Universe Awaits Program Highlights

The Universe Awaits: As Above, So Below - Lakota Star Knowledge
Explore indigenous folklore and philosophy around the connection between people, nature and the cosmos with Sid Whiting, a member of the Sicangu Lakota from the Rosebud Sioux Reservation in South Dakota and a teacher of Lakota Life Skills at American Indian Academy of Denver and Denver Public Schools. Appropriate for grades K-5.

The Universe Awaits: Chasing Shadows - Exploring the Upcoming Solar Eclipses
Did you know there are two solar eclipses happening over North America within the next year? In this program, participants will build a scale model of the Earth-Moon system to understand how eclipses happen and why. Join Fiske Planetarium to learn ways to safely observe the sun and play a matching game using the sense of touch to explore solar eclipses through time. Appropriate for adults and teens in grades 7 and up. 

The Universe Awaits: The Wonders of Eclipses in the Universe
Explore the wonders of eclipses, learn astronomical terms and concepts, and discover the relationship between the equator and the ecliptic to understand our planet’s tilt. Build a make-and-take planisphere, a tool for identifying the stars and constellations that appear in the night sky at latitudes near the Denver area. Presented by Wings Over the Rockies. Appropriate for adults.

For specific locations, dates, times and registration information, please visit