Discover Space Exhibit Moves to Anythink Huron Street

Discover Space exhibit now at Anythink Huron Street

After several months at Rangeview Library District’s Anythink Brighton library, the Space Science Institute’s Discover Space exhibit is now moving to the new Anythink Huron Street location. Now the residents of Thornton, Northglenn and surrounding communities can learn about space science while enjoying this fun, interactive exhibit.

Discover Space includes two exhibit areas. Space Storms introduces audiences to space weather, covering topics such as sunspots, coronal mass ejections, and magnetic storms.  This area includes a cut-away model of the Sun and several educational games. It also shows how space weather can harm astronauts, damage satellites, and disrupt power grids and communication systems on Earth. Star Quest explores how stars are born and how they die. Using a touch-screen computer, visitors can design interactive solar systems with planets, asteroid belts, and multiple suns.

The exhibit is on display at Anythink Huron Street through May 15. The Space Science Institute will offer various programs at the library throughout the next several months inspired by the Discover Space project.

Discover Space marks the launch of a pilot program to bring science and technology learning experiences to library visitors across the country. By focusing on areas that are not served by a science center, the exhibits can reach underserved communities. The pilot project will focus on Colorado, while a national version will include partners such as the American Library Association.

“SSI is a national leader in developing traveling science exhibitions. Now, with our Discover Space exhibit program for libraries, we’re bringing hands-on science to communities along the Front Range,” says Executive Director Paul Dusenbery, Space Science Institute. “We are excited about partnering with Anythink libraries to offer interactive programming to the residents of Adams County, and we look forward to working with the Anythink Huron Street staff as we train them on the exhibit and help develop future programming.”

The Space Science Institute, a Boulder-based non-profit organization, aims to integrate research with education and public outreach, promoting inquiry-based learning and science literacy. Its programs include traveling museum exhibitions, award-winning educational media, hands-on teaching resources and activities, and educator workshops.  The funding for this project comes from the National Science Foundation.


Can you please advise what age range this exhibit is appropriate for? Thanks!!

Emma, this exhibit is appropriate for all ages. We hope to have supplemental programming available in the next two months that complement the exhibit, and those programs are geared to all ages as well. Please come by and enjoy!