The goats are back at Anythink Libraries

In the coming weeks, community members of all ages are invited to visit their local Anythink to meet friendly goats from Caramel Apple Farm. As an experience library, Anythink continues to find new and exciting learning opportunities for its customers. The goats provide a chance for kids to meet a farm animal, ask questions and learn more about these creatures – what they eat, their behavior and how they interact with humans.

In 2013, Anythink brought 300 goats to its Anythink Wright Farms location as an earth-friendly method of mowing overgrown weeds and native grasses on the property. The goats, which successfully ate all of the unwanted vegetation, drew attention and excitement from Anythink customers of all ages. The goats were so popular that Anythink has tried to bring goats back each year in some capacity.

This year, a smaller number of goats will make an appearance at each Anythink location. Customers are encouraged to visit with adult and baby goats, and learn more about these animals with representatives from Caramel Apple Farm. A special goat Snapchat filter will also be available at each event for attendees looking to snap goat pictures to share with friends. 

Goats at Anythink:


To Whom It May Concern: Could Wright Farm Library set up a Vietnamese section for Vietnamese community in this area? In the past, I had used First Search to order Musical DVDs and other books in Vietnamese, but my orders have never been responded by any library staff. Therefore, I stopped using it. I am not sure if First Search section is really working or it is just for fun. Each of Denver Libraries and other libraries in Colorado have Vietnamese section in books, DVDs, Magazines, etc.. Only Wright Farm did not have any. Thank you, Amy Nguyen

Hi Amy. Thanks for reaching out! We're currently looking into acquiring a Vietnamese collection for Anythink Huron Street and hope we can fulfill that next year. To request specific titles, we recommend using the "Request it!" feature, which you can access directly at <a href=""></a>. Customers are allowed up to 60 requests per year. Additionally, we strongly recommend looking into a new service we're using – Prospector – to acquire Vietnamese language materials that we can borrow from other Colorado libraries. Prospector can be accessed at <a href=""></a>. Please feel free to contact us with additional questions at <a href=""></a>.