Book Review: 'Behind Closed Doors' by B.A. Paris

I finished B.A. Paris' Behind Closed Doors in two days.  Hooked from the very first page, I couldn't put it down. The crazy thing is, I saw Behind Closed Doors in passing when I needed a back-up book because my stack at home was getting low.  Low-ish for me anyway. Having only three or four books at home makes me kind of nervous; I need at least five to feel like my reading well won't run dry. This book should definitely not be in the back-up category, but of course I had no idea how great it was going to be. Nobody should put B.A. Paris in the corner. 

I haven't loved a book this much since Alex North's The Whisper Man, which was only a few books ago. As much as I loved North's fabulous debut novel, I think I loved Behind Closed Doors even more. Here's why: First, I'm not a fan of foul language or smut in general, and have held out hope that I could find an author able to weave a thrilling story without all of the junk. I'm so glad that I held out that hope because Paris shows that it's possible. I haven't read any of her other books yet, but you can bet I immediately requested them all hoping for more of the same. Second, Paris does a fine job creating depth in her characters and telling the story in a past and present interchange that isn't confusing and methodically puts the pieces into place. I felt immediately invested in the story and loved how the author gave just enough information to provide you some answers without giving away how the story would end. Third, I loved how Paris wrote the character Millie, a young girl with Down Syndrome. She gave her such ability and intellectual prowess. The charachter she created is completely loveable in the innocent way those I've known with Down's have, as well as the acuity they are so often gifted with having.  

I hesitate to say anything regarding the actual story because I wouldn't want to ruin it for anyone. I can say that Behind Closed Doors will not disappoint anyone seeking a great thriller filled with suspense.  For me, there isn't a single part of this story that was unnecessary or dull. It was thoroughly entertaining and, even though I couldn't wait to see how it ended, I was sad to have it end. It was that good.  

Now is where you run out to your wonderful local library or wherever you get your reading material to get this book. Hurry before someone else beats you to it!