Book Review: 'The Whisper Man' by Alex North

Let me tell you how worth the wait for The Whisper Man by Alex North was. I couldn't put this book down. From the title of the book, which is in itself creepy, to the artwork on the cover, this book draws you in.  

Before the first chapter, we're met with a letter to Jake with words that immediately grab you – even though you don't know who Jake is: "Mister Night. The boy in the floor. The butterflies. The little girl with the strange dress. And the Whisper Man, of course. It's not going to be easy, and I need to start with an apology. Because over the years I've told you many times that there's no such thing as monsters. I'm sorry that I lied."  

This story has many twists and turns that make it difficult to describe without giving anything away. Alex North, a British crime writer, does a magnificent job of weaving such an interesting story that your mind is too enveloped to figure anything out. North is truly a gifted writer with a wonderful ability of grabbing you from the first page and not letting go until the very last. I found myself walking through my house, book in hand, because I had to find out what happened. I simply didn't want to put this book down.  

The unnerving part about this book is that it deals with a parent's worse fear – child abduction. That element in the book is definitely difficult to process, especially coupled with a mysterious figure, The Whisper Man, who lures children from their bedroom window. However, we are also given a duo of investigators who are determined to solve the case before another child is hurt. This book is not for the faint of heart and definitely requires a certain level of fortitude to stomach the details of various crimes. Though North does not go into incredibly indulgent detail, there is enough that it might be difficult for some readers.

Other than the language, of which there is a decent amount of one particular word I don't care for, I have only good things to say regarding this novel. If you're looking for spooky with a side of uncomfortable, this will not disappoint.