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A forest of dark green pine trees.

In the presence of trees, I am often filled with a sense of wonder. Observing them, I appreciate their poetry. At the same time, I wonder about the science of trees — I am curious about how exactly the trees I see are living in this place, in this season and in relationship to others.

For others who also respond to trees with awe and curiosity, I recommend reading the following books by Peter Wohlleben and Suzanne Simard.

Thinking about going on a hike soon? My advice: take the time to smell the flowers, literally. Recently I went hiking with me family. Admittedly we were all a little out of shape from the lack of being outdoors and found ourselves taking many small rest breaks as the incline claimed our energy much more quickly than expected. We found ourselves marveling at all the small details nature has to offer – wondering why certain trees have different types of bark, and what did poison ivy really look like? What is the difference between a shrub and a tree, a weed or a flower?


Spring has many poets. I hear birds, wordless and articulate, building nests among new leaves. I listen to people, speaking with delight about warmer winds and greener trees. Here, I hope to add a slightly different note to the seasonal chorus – not as resistance to the emerging season, but in order to harmonize with these voices. I wish to speak in praise of trees that are green in every season: evergreens. These trees steadily replace their needles and thus remain green all year. Their constant color provides me with ongoing pleasure.