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February 16, 2018 - 10:00 am to 12:00 pm

Calling all homeschooling families! Help us support your family’s educational and social goals. Join us for a free lunch and a fun activity for the kids. Parents are invited to network and work with the Anythink York Street youth services guide to plan future homeschool meet-ups, activities, and classes tailored to your needs. Appropriate for homeschooling caregivers and their children. Space is limited; registration is required.


It’s that time of year again – back-to-school time. And for many parents it’s a time to start thinking of all the various schooling options available, including homeschooling. 

In recent weeks, I have personally spoken to some of you brave souls who have decided to embark on this adventure of becoming both caregiver and teacher. As a homeschooling veteran (yes, I took two children from first grade to graduation day), I love to field questions, offer advice and most of all be a source of encouragement to new homeschoolers.