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 "As homeschooling nears mainstream recognition and technology interweaves itself into our daily lives at breakneck pace, Papo provides us a timely glimpse into the lives of those who are carving an alternative path towards preparing for the future and finding a deeper way to be connected. Through their eyes we have the opportunity to consider how big or small we want our worlds to be," Ariel Shanberg, curator and writer, eagerly comments in Homeschooled.

October 18, 2018 - 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm

It’s no secret that a college education can set you up for opportunity, but the barriers to higher education can make it seem out of reach. Join Anythink Perl Mack, and representatives from Front Range Community College, for an info session geared towards folks thinking of heading back to school. Learn about the pathways to the classroom that would fit you best, and discover resources —from scholarships to financial aid —that can help you avoid taking on more student debt than you can handle. Part of Anythink Perl Mack’s Take Control series.

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Adult, Teen
February 23, 2017 - 2:15 pm to 3:15 pm
College 101

Are you an older teen or adult that wants to go to college but you don't know where to begin? We're here to help get you started! Anythink York Street, Mapleton Public Schools, and the Educational Opportunity Center at Colorado State University have partnered to bring you all the information you need to start on your college and career journey. Join us for a presentation by EOC representatives followed by the opportunity to make an appointment for individualized help. Topics covered will include the college admission process, referrals to GED and ESL programs, filling out a FAFSA, and more. EOC services are targeted toward first-generation students aged 19 and older, veterans, and at-risk youth, but anyone interested may attend. This information session will be held at Anythink York Street library on the Mapleton Skyview Campus. No registration required.

Adult, Teen
Harriet Jacobs

I’ve shared before how I absolutely love books about books so it’s no surprise that I was delighted to comb through the list of books laid out in Susan Wise Bauer’s book, The Well Educated Mind: A Guide to the Classical Education You Never Had, with a few ladies wh

Chopsticks. By Jessica Anthony and Rodrigo Corral

Have you ever looked at a novel and fallen in love with the book’s pictures or design before its words? Some books are so visually intriguing for me that the words are almost superfluous. In a world depending more and more on us to be visually literate, or able to understand meanings behind images, these books provide challenging and beautiful imagery to practice on. Here are a few titles that stand out for me.

Children who are surrounded by books learn to incorporate reading into their daily habits.

As a parent who raised two avid readers and also had a number of child literacy experiences here at Anythink, I would like to share my ideas to get kids to love reading. I am lucky enough to talk to caregivers of all ages every day, and I have seen many behaviors that help our children get excited about books. I am leaving Anythink for a new adventure and wanted to pass along the wisdom that I have gained in my time here. Thanks to all the customers, young and old, who have made this a wonderful community. 

Many people I know have been in their careers for more than 20 years, some even retiring from the same company they started with out of college. Often they cannot understand how people today have multiple employers before they even turn 30. I was one of those people. I loved my company and what I did every day, but then things changed.