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September 1, 2018 - 9:30 am to 10:30 am

Join us for family yoga at Perl Mack. We will have contemplative stories, explore different breath techniques, and move our bodies mindfully in a fun and playful yoga practice with yoga games. Bring your own mat, or feel free to use one of ours! All ages and abilities welcome. No registration required.

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Adult, Children, Family, Teen, Tween

“I am probably the dumbest person with computers,” the woman said to me as she came into my weekly Tech Drop-ins session. In my line of work, it really isn’t surprising to hear this sentence, and it is remarkable how untrue it often is.  Technology is getting better so quickly these days that a lot of us are being overtaken. It feels like there is always some latest and greatest thing coming out despite the feeling as though we are being overun. We, as adults, learn what we can, keep up with our jobs and then, when we have to learn something new, it's a little like coming out from nuclear f

Technology tutoring takes place across generations

Are you working with a loved one to help them catch up with computers of the 21st century? Many people find themselves in a position where they are teaching a friend or loved one with basic computer skills, and it’s easy to get frustrated. One of the main reasons it can be so frustrating is because seasoned users don’t always remember what it was like when they were first getting started.