Pollinator Gardens

A bee collecting pollen in a field of pink flowers.

What’s the buzz about pollinator gardens?

These special gardens provide food for pollinators such as bees, butterflies and hummingbirds in the form of pollen and nectar. Pollinators are critically important animals. They maintain our ecosystem and pollinate the plants that people and animals eat. We wouldn’t have fruit and vegetables without pollinators!

Plans are already underway for a pollinator garden at Anythink Wright Farms, and it will be designed to help further the learning and understanding of the importance of pollinators in our area. We are raising money to enhance this project and to build pollinator gardens at additional Anythink locations.

Anythink’s pollinator gardens will include flowers and plants that attract bees and butterflies, walkways, water features and learning prompts to help community members better understand the role pollinators play in environmental stewardship.

People look to libraries and to nature as places for meaningful experiences and connections. The Anythink pollinator gardens will enrich local communities and inspire us all through exploration, learning and play.

The Anythink Wright Farms pollinator garden will be designed in 2022 and planted in 2023. Construction began in fall 2022.

Support Anythink's Pollinator Gardens

Your donation will help expand Anythink’s pollinator gardens to create beautiful, soothing spaces for our community to connect with nature. Donate to the Anythink Foundation today!


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